Mondays With Merlin: The Big Three

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Can it be? Truly, really, really Monday, again? Of course you realize us cats don’t give names to days of the week like Nap Day or Catnip Day. It’s a waste of time lamenting one day of the week is better or worse. It’s Monday but isn’t also the first day of the rest of your life? Instead of one of my quotes, we’re sharing part of a poem by Mary Oliver that sums up how we’re feeling these days.

The first whispers of summer winding down are in the wind and the garden is extra lush this year. So verdant, it’s hard to believe there’s a burial mound with sweet bro Gris Gris becoming one with the Earth. The letters on the plaque placed in December have faded as has the deep sorrow. Funny how the sun and time do that. Layla sits across from the grave in the old chair that Gris Gris loved. It’s surprisingly comfortable and comforting. He left his mark in more ways than one.

Gris Gris- scent marking-cat

Everyone has their own ways to remember and it works for her. I like to poke around in the bushes, but then she held me for like for three eternities. Not that I mind. I’m restless and yowly day and night and need lots of cuddles.

There is nothing more the vet can do. The only change is stopping Novifit L (30 Tablets) 400mg but I hate being pilled and the peeps thought they’d give me a break. Ha, fine break. I keep them up all night. And Domino for the first time leaving his feral life has refused to come in for the night all week. We blame it on the super moon but I don’t like it a bit. I miss my fur pal at night. Odin gives me a sniff and rub but he’s been full moon restless too. So that’s it. Here the three big things you need to live. Tell me if you think it’s true.

Layla Morgan Wilde-Merlin-Gris Gris grave


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