BISSELL Lift Off A Cat Mom’s BFF

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Bissell review-stick vacuum

We review a lot pet products but what about us, the cat mom (or dad)? Do you dream of a mother’s little helper? A household BFF to make cat care easier? Dare I say, even fun? Well, my dream came true. Normally, I get paid for reviews but I love this so much I’m sharing the review of my home’s new BFF for free!

Here’s the deal. We have 6 litter boxes on three floors. The litter boxes are mostly the high-sided and fabulous ones from NVR Miss and the litter is an expensive non tracking litter (usually World’s Best). Mats are placed in front of the boxes but no matter what, it’s a MESS. A dust pan and brush is a so so solution. Schlepping a full-sized vacuum cleaner up and down two flights of stairs every day? No thank-you. Portable dust buster type units don’t suck up anything and I’m tired of bending over. Then the good folks at Bissell came to the rescue and sent us Bissell Lift Off Floors and More PET. It’s a cordless, combo of a stick and handheld unit for all surfaces and designed to clean up pet hair. Nothing to plug in, feather light but solidly built. After charging up this cat mom’s helper, I said in most most jaded voice, “Okay, show me what you can do.”

Bissell lift-off floors and more pet

The easy to maneuver handle twisted and turned in all angles around a litter box sucking up stay bits of litter like a dream. Okay, that works. Now, let’s carry it up the stairs. Never mind; I see cat hair on the black carpet runner! Decor tip 101. Never buy black carpet unless you have black and only black cats. The vacuum felt like a toy, a very powerful fun toy. It worked. I could see everything it picked up in the see through canister. I never thought I’d say this in a million years but it made me like, okay almost love vacuuming.

Second floor: next litter box on hardwood floors with a rubber mat (actually a feline yoga mat) Easy peasy. This really works. After that I wanted to make it work its magic in all the little nooks and crannies usually reserved for a big vacuums’s attachments. This portable BFF Bissell didn’t pull a rabbit out of its hat but some dust bunnies you would have to see to believe!

BISSELL stick vacuum pet review

Bissell makes several variations of the cordless stick model but I’m happy with the PET. Why mess with purrfection? It’s not every day you get to meet your home’s BFF.

FTC disclosure: Bissell provided a product at no cost to us, but we received no fee for this review. Our unsolicited review is 100% honest and true.


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