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Monday Meowtivation: Hurricane Kittens, Halloween Surprise & More

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Hello dear ones,

If it’s Monday it must be time for feline blog duty with me Clyde and Monday Meowtivation. Curl up with your favorite cat for lots of NEWS.

How I wish that was me on the cover of our book, but I am no longer a cute kitten but an old mancat. Time marches on and even Ilsa, the adorable cover girl is all grown up. There she was a little kitten in a shelter hoping for home and she got one. Her siblings all got lucky too and were adopted. You can see them in all their unique cuteness in Black Cats Tell All. Click on the pic and you can look inside the book. Should you buy a copy, please know we make a few extra pennies from the Amazon Affiliate Program. I for one love a bargain. Must be my inner Sean Connery talking but saving every penny helps and Bast knows, we’ve had vet bills up the wazoo and insurance did not pay for all of Layla’s hospital stay last month.

We have another winner for our #BlackCatAwarenessMonth contest. Meet the foster kittens from @Orlando.kittens


They are 8 weeks old and named after hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Charley, Matthew, Billie and Ella. They have been adopted except for Billie, Ella and their lovely mom, Jazzy. They are available for adoption. Congrats to Lisa Krakosky who fosters kittens for the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. Check out Lisa’s Instagram for more adorable adoptables.


As you may know, I’m not a fan of being photographed but you can teach an old cat new tricks. Layla lured me into doing a selfie with her. It’s our new Facebook and Twitter icon, for now. And yes my head is that big!













The vets still don’t know is wrong with Nou Nou. It’s partly congenital from being born in unfortunate circumstances at a hoarder. The surgery to remove lesions on her tongue was a success but she still has a Lil Bub perma tongue stuck out and the antibiotics for her runny missing eye socket didn’t work. At least the nasty dermatitis has healed around her bum but she’s back to pooping out of the box.

It’s always something with that tiny weirdo. Seriously, I’m twice as big but she is the most charming waif you could ever meet who scurries like a rat and flies into a room like Cosmo from Seinfeld. She’s the black sheep of our fur family but we love her anyway because pets are family.

When folks adopt cute kittens they rarely think about the years ahead and health concerns. It’s always a crap shoot. Some get lucky and live long healthy lives and others have the vet on speed dial from day one. You just don’t know but that’s life. All beginnings are based on hope, faith and trust, whether a friendship, a marriage or any new venture. Even old cats like me starting a blog. You take your chances and you try to stick it out in sickness and in health all that jazz. It’s called responsibility and commitment. Enough pontificating. I feel the hairy eyeball of my bro Odin wanting to say something.

What was that Odin? Something cheaper you say?

Speaking of bargains, the least pricey option is $6.99 for our e-book on Gumroad. And Kindle will be up on Amazon this week for $9.99.

No matter how dark it’s been lately we always find a spark of light or sunshine. Well at least Odin does. I’m an indoor-only kitty. He’s the ultimate sun-loving hedonist. Our garden is turning autumnish but the recent warm sunny weather is a balm for Layla who hates winter. Excuse me, Odin is sticking his big, pink nose in my business.

monday meowtivation

WHAT the Freya are you talking about, Clyde? I’m just practicing my “Walk Like an Egyptian” pose for Halloween.

Halloween? You have a costume yet?

No, but I have a few ideas. You’ll just have to wait and see next Monday.

One of the things I love about our cat community is just that: community. We care about each other. I’m not sure about cats living nine lives but I do know what goes around comes around. One of dear blogger friends Ellen from 15 andMeowing is black cat lover. Her OTRB cat Spooky is featured in our book.

One of the kindest acts anyone can do is something nice for no reason at all.

Ellen sent us a parcel of goodies including a set of vintage style Halloween cards with black cats which we LOVE. Thank you Miss Ellen. She had no idea Layla’s mom was fighting for her life in ICU that very day. She is still in the hospital and it may be time for her to join Merlin and her kitty loves soon. Be kind because you never know how the stranger beside is suffering.




It’s not time to cue the violins yet. Layla was in NYC last week at an invite only pet product event.

Has Layla gone to the dogs? No, but that dog nipped her. Must have smelled me. Anyway, I can’t wait to try some new samples and don’t you dare touch my new litter, Odin. We have six litter boxes in the house. Why do you have to use all of them?

Because I can.


Yes, I’m loving the Ultra Clump litter which is the uncolored version of their famous Neon Litter. Odin, you better stay away from my litter box. I want it all to myself.

Suit yourself. I must admit, considering you pee like a diabetic racehorse, your box doesn’t stink, but I’m curious about the Neon colors. What color should I get? Green to match my one big eye? Too bad I don’t have a girlfriend or I could get her the pink litter.

Layla says its always fun to meet old friends and clients in an intimate setting instead of a huge pet expo. Pet people are the best even ones with dogs. Don’t worry, Layla is still 110% cat.

Neon Litter marketing VP Tom Atyeo




Left to right: Mike Smith (Pillstachios), Charlotte Reed, Tom Attyeo (NeonLitter)

Have a pawesome week because you are pawesome. Our shareable quotable Cat Wisdom is :Black cats and books are portable magic.

Love, Clyde


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