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2018 Best 9 and 2019 Printable Cat Holiday Calendar

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

2018 Best 9 and 2019 Printable Cat Holiday Calendar. It’s been a wild year and we’re happy to share our #bestnine. Every year we create and gift to our readers a calendar of pet-related holidays, awareness causes and events. Given the huge uptick in the holidays in general, we decided to do something different and include a printable calendar with space for your own notes. Enjoy the first month of January with our compliments.

Before we make the other months available, please let us know how it could be improved. Would you prefer a PDF of all 12 months or a monthly print out? The calendar includes cat-related holidays mixed with a few fun (and new) other holidays, major official holidays plus astrological and planetary influences. This year could be a wild card of possibilities. Happy, happy New Year dears!


Our sage cat wisdom applies to humans too. The new moon is a great time to begin something new and this year, the powerful eclipse on January 5th ushers in a true tabula rasa or clean slate opportunity. The full moon is good to note crazy kitty zoomies a couple days before and after the full moon. This month is predicted to pack a punch with a full lunar eclipse on the full moon, the first of three super moons this year. The impact of the eclipse will be felt for months even if not visible in certain geographic areas.

Expect the expected with heightened emotions and intuition. It may feel intense but it brings the chance to let go of emotional baggage. If you or your cats feel jumpy and restless, just chill and don’t take anything personally and don’t make rash decisions.

Goodbye 2018 and hello 2019. If you missed our New Year’s or Mew Year’s extravaganza, check it out. What a year and instead of doing a overview, we’re sharing a the Best Nine Instagram post from our two Instagram accounts. There are several apps that generate the photo grid by the number of likes and it’s fun to search #bestnine or #2018bestnine. Black Cats of IG was one of the top black cat accounts in 2018. We feature adoptables and other noir cuties from around the globe. As black cat luck would have it, the center image in Horst who is featured in our book. Horst_the Hero hails from Germany and is an adventurous indoor/outdoor boy who also loves his bling and the color pink. On a sad note: his dear Ginger bro Sammy was hit and killed by a car recently and is sorely missed.

#bestnine instagram @blackcatsofig

The past year intertwined brushes with death and the loss of many lives both feline and human close to us in our community. Several cats from our book have earned their angel wings which we’ve blogged about and most recently we mourn the loss of Toledo. His story by RJ Peters is a personal favorite made all the more poignant now.

It’s a miracle our old boy Clyde is still kicking with numerous complications of diabetes and kidney disease. He turns 19 on January 18 and has the same iron-clad will to live that our Angel Merlin possessed in spades. You better believe we will be celebrating his big 19! I hope you join our celebration of his very long life.

On Instagram, these were our top nine of 2018 @catwisdom101 on Instagram. Yay, Clyde made it and Odin is not amused. Hmmm, that purple bird hat has mysteriously disappeared.


Our favorite 2108 review about Black Cats Tell All in Animal Wellness Magazine (in print no less ). Amazon has it on sale right now for a good price. Take a peek Black Cats Tell All: True Tales And Inspiring Images

Animal Wellness book review Black cats Tell All

2019 will bring much change and change isn’t always fun but if we face it head on and flow, we, the collective “we” will survive and be better for it.

It’s also with much sadness to announce one of our dearest long-time readers died suddenly last week. Cynthia Southern, a cat lover from Denver died in her sleep at age 50. Ironically, I’d had an exchange with Cynthia on Messenger the day before she died. She was excited to receive the 2019 Cats in Sweaters calendar she’d won in our recent giveaway. Knowing that she will never look at the calendar, mark off days or plan a future hit hard. Life is not only short but unpredictable. It’s all the more reason to cherish everything and everyone we hold dear.

It’s with that spirit, we move forward. Without a crystal ball (or even with one) it’s impossible to say what 2019 holds for Cat Wisdom 101. It’s one day at time and to honor the year ahead, please enjoy the first installment of a special calendar we created for cat lovers. That means you!



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