Mancat Monday: Nature’s Bounty For You

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Domino cat garden quote

Are you ready for the harvest moon? It’ll be a big fat full moon on Thursday and us Cat Wisdom101 boys are already in the mood to go a little wild. Thursday happens to be Meow Like a Pirate Day and for you humans it’s International Talk Like Pirate Day. It’s silly fun celebrated in 40 countries so rustle up some grog and prepare to make merry!

Domino: Aaarg, I prefer to stay on dry land. Nature nurtures and I feel happiest sitting under under the trees at one with the Divine. But I may change my mind after a swing of me rum, ho, ho, ho.

Odin: Me too! Shiver me timbers, ye must have some pirate blood since you’re a rebel boy who never listens to commands. Layla said, “Sit”. I sat. Layla said, “Stay”. I stayed. Layla said, “Pose pretty for me,” I gave her the hairy eyeball and vamoosed. I wonder if I get the wench to walk the plank.

Odin cat garden

Gris Gris: That’s the spirit, At least she didn’t catch you looking like a two bit Elvis impurrsonator like me! And your tail does looks like a very manly rudder for sailing in the seven seas. GG cat Elvis in personatorMerlin: Quit yer jabbering Gris Gris, there’s no shame in having a snaggle tooth. Slap on an eye patch and you’d be a fine Captain Crunch. Anyway, there’s no place like home and porch season is almost over so let’s enjoy. Did you tell all our readers we have lots of booty to win this week? We have a extra bounty but it’s only this month and then we some really exciting news!. There is still time and lots of chances to win our $100 shopping spree at Entirely Pets. They have everything you need for any pet. To enter just leave a comment at our giveaway post.

Merlin cat-porch


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