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Astro-Kitty Aries & Brawny Cat Giveaway

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We have double-barreled fun this month with Astro-Kitty Aries and a fab double giveaway from Brawny Cat makers of superior dual purpose cat scratcher/lounges. Astrology is a useful tool for discerning not only the character of humans but of felines. If you’re lucky enough to know the exact time of your cat’s birth, a more complete astrological chart can be drawn, but even narrowing down the time to a monthly zodiac sign is helpful to discern

astro-kitty-aries-Brawny cat-cats

Any kitten born from March 21 to April 20 is an Aries. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac is ruled by the planet Mars and their element is fire. Natural born leaders, these are often the bold, curious kittens and cats at shelters, poking their noses wanting out. They will either enjoy be the boss of a multi-cat household or independent enough to be a solo cat.

Quick in movement and thought, play and adventure are always a priority for these high energy fireballs. Easily bored, these active cats need creative, interactive play and lots of it. Wand type toys like Da Bird are favorites as are laser pointers. Expert hunters, if they don’t have real prey, make sure they get to “catch” the toy mouse or toy to satisfy their hunting instinct.

The Aries cat mantra is me, me, me, me, meow. They want to be front and center and first. When you come home, they will demand be petted and fed first. They tend be more sleek and athletic in shape and will appreciate a high perch to climb up on and survey their domain (which you just happen to occupy). They aren’t especially finicky when it comes to food and good at cleaning their bowl fast.

Super-intelligent, if anyone can figure out where the catnip is hidden and how to open the door to it, the Aries cat will. With their single-minded charm, they’ll have their furry tail curled around your heart in no time. Aries males are tend to be dominant and aggressive, enjoying wrestling with other cats and maintaining their numero uno hierarchy. Female Aries cats can be impatient princesses and either gender aren’t adverse to giving a love bite or scratch. Never use your hands and/or feet to play with them or you might have a “cat from hell” in the future.

All cats need places to lounge and scratch indoors and Odin our #1 tester was thrilled with his Sleeky XL from Brawny Cat in Royal Red. The company owner Andrew sent us their latest model with a lovely handwritten note. We’ve reviewed other corrugated cat scratcher/loungers and we immediately noticed the superior size, weight and solid construction. It’s big enough for a large boy like Odin or two or even three kitties. Odin gives it a paws up vote for #1! And you can win one! Enter until midnight, April 22, 2013. The lucky winners will be announced on Wednesday April 23, 2013.

brawny cat-sleeky-giveaway-astrokitty-aries The Sleeky Lounge XL is excellent value at $49.95.

There are several options for entering giveaway via a Rafflecopter giveaway THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.

To double your chances of winning visit our friends at Visit Brawny Cat to see the colors choices and other details including their new Sleeky Lounge XL Window/Wall Perch Bracket to create an instant window perch.


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