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Mancat Cat Monday: Gone Girl #BetterWithPets

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Good morning, good afternoon or good evening cat lovers, it’s Mancat Monday with Merlin, Domino and Odin. We’re usually in the spotlight but our mom Layla is stealing it from us about Better With Pets…

Domino cat on log

News Bulletin. We won’t be blogging much until November. We’ve been working hard doing a whole lot of nothing. You know the usual loafing around, real or pretend hunting, cuddling with the humans, posing for the odd photo shoot and finagling treats. But our mom has been working like a dog and travelling. Like all cats, we don’t like it when there is a big change or worse, when humans go AWAY. We don’t care if trips are for business or pleasure. All we know is someone is GONE. In our case, it’s our mom Layla is the GONE GIRL (fab book and movie btw). She only goes away for a few days usually but even one night is NO GOOD. Our dad stays and takes care of us but it’s not the same. How dare her look like the cat who swallowed the canary even though we agree life is #betterwithpets.

Purina summit 2014-#betterwithpets Layla Morgan Wilde

Last week Layla was invited to attend an awesome Purina Summit #BetterWithPets in NYC but OMC, why is she posing with Victoria Stilwell, a dog trainer? Apparently they had a good chat dishing in the ladies room and press room after her presentation on the power of positive of dogs. Purina brought together a cross-section of the best and brightest presenters to a enlighten and entertain in a one day event. From a rocket scientist to rappers, a 14-year-old inventor, veterinarian researchers, sound therapist, founders of the cat video festival and moderated with heart and humor by public radio host John Hockenberrry. This year the theme focused on how the human-animal bond can be strengthened now and in the future. You’ll be able to watch all the talks and performances by the end of the month online at

Layla Morgan Wilde-Victoria Stilwell

Oh no, more dogs…and TurboRoo the famous two-legged chihuahua giving Layla kisses? This is too much!

TurboRoo gives cat guru kisses

Why did America’s most famous vet, Marty Becker take Layla’s pic posing with a strange cat? Why was she the only one fool enough to wear cat ears at the summit?

Layla Morgan Wilde- Purina summit #betterwithpets


Why is she goofing around the Henri le Chat Noir’s Will Braden? With those darn cat ears no less! He’s the co-founder of #CatVidfest.

Purina Summit #betterwithpets-Layla Morgan Wilde- Will Braden

And it gets worse. We nearly fainted when we saw her whispering sweet nothings to Vito, the famed cat star of film and stage. This was at a Pet Expo in NYC by Whitegate PR ( co-owner Dana Humphrey in the background) a couple days later. I hadn’t seen Vito since a fundraiser at the Algonquin Hotel in August and it looks like we’ve both gained some weight.

Vito the cat-Layla Morgan Wilde

Okay, she did bring back some treats but still. Oh and we hear she’s going away AGAIN to Atlanta next week where she’s presenting at the CWA conference AKA BarkWorld/MeowWorld. You just know she’s going to be coming back smelling like d-o-g-s again.

She has some nerve posting all these pics of NYC, the most amazing pet people, the private Purina reception at the fab Eventi Hotel on Instagram while we’re WAITING for her to return. Mind you they did put her up in a nice upgraded room with a view, but she must be a Luddite since she still can’t figure out why some cats have eleventy gazillion likes and we don’t. Duh, it would help if she posted more pics of us cats, right? However she claims to be posting the best pre and post summit pics at her other blog Boomer Muse this week about the serendipity of things going wrong and being saved by Bobbi Brown. But no cats.

That’s it, we’re going back to sleep. Until we meet again.


Merlin, Domino and Odin ( three not even remotely famous cats)

P.S. we are all doing well.


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