life works itself out
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Life Works Itself Out and Then You Nap

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What a perfect title to start the week:Life Works Itself Out and Then You Nap.

That’s our philosophy or at least mine, on Mondays With Merlin. The title is actually a new book translated from the huge bestseller (700,000+ copies) in Japan by Keiya Mizuno and Naoki Naganuma and published by Simon and Shuster.

Something is always lost in translation and the quirkiness of the book is oddly endearing. We’re big Japanese culture fans at Cat Wisdom 101 and naturally curious about a Japanese version from the I Could Pee on This, cat quotes or life lessons genre. Some cat books in the cute, light-hearted gift book category are more original than others.

What’s different about Life Works Itself Out is the wild mix of quotes. From 18th c. French philosophers to Marilyn Monroe and Japanese CEOs, the authors share their commentary peppered with history and factoids. The stock images of cute cats with each quote doesn’t always work. Frankly, I was annoyed by the over-used images we’ve all seen.


If only someone would come up with original quotes, commentary and original photos. Wait, what about moi, Merlin? I’ve been doing this for five years. No stock photos here. Okay, this book convinced my mom it’s time for our book. Look out 2017! The real cat wisdom is in your future. But first, our bear of a project, Black Cats Tell All needs to get out there. The pressure is on but I digress.

Curiosity is every cat’s middle name so a few paw taps later…

found the Japanese website of author Keiya MIZUNO is also a publisher of a variety of books with hundreds of millions in sales. I could find nothing definitive about the co-author. I’m assuming they are partners but don’t quote me. Some more poking around I found the charming titles (translated) of similar books, a veritable goldmine. The cover designs are strikingly simple and while we’re used to certain numbers like 101 ways to do X, the Japanese use 63 or 65. That’s so random but there must is a reason. I’d do some much snooping but I feel a nap coming on. I love this title:

  • Life is one chance! – “Work” also “play” is also fun 65 of the method book. Yes, but they didn’t consult a cat about 9 lives.
  • Nietzsche of words to change the common sense Nante Nyansensu life book. That is as Nietzschean as it gets for a book title.

    Life is Toka Nyan – 68 method of lead to happiness in tomorrow. Nyan is the word a cat makes like a meow but in Japanese.

    Life is Toka more Nyan! - 68 method of lead to more happiness in tomorrow

    Nyan or happy – spend the day in good mood Zen of words. Good mood Zen sounds good to me.

General Nyah heart through the hint is found to live easier ~

General Nyah heart through the hint is found to live easier ~Kato morning seed. Is that anything like pumpkin seed?

Nyai worried Nyai hesitation words of Nyai Buddha particular about

Nyai worried Nyai hesitation words of Nyai Buddha particular about Kato Asatane. More cute kitty pics with Buddha quotes anyone? Nah, been there done that.

Cat to quote Freud, Jung, Adler 50 words of

Cat to quote Freud, Jung, Adler 50 words of Kiyota. Jung and Freud I get but Adler? That’s new.

If you’d like Life Works Itself Out in English with a Japanese sensibility, here you go. I can’t promise life will work itself out but can vouch for the benefits of more naps.

I believe there is an affiliate thingy which we have to legally mention we make the equivalent of a spoonful of cat food if you purchase the book. Don’t quote me. I’m just a cat.

My advice is to stay curious my friends. And to encourage you to keep reading, here’s a bonus from our vintage collection.



life works itself out


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