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Killer Kitties: The Dark & Light Side

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Welcome to Cat Saturday where we usually have fun news and photos of our fur gang, but today we have news of killer kitties, specifically Odin who finally did what he was supposed to do on his Daily Show shoot. Yes, it was a spoof about cats killing birds with two cat behavior consultants, Jackson Galaxy and me, in on the joke.

Sophie’s Choice- Cat Versus Bird on The Daily Show

And no, we don’t condone it but cats are natural born killers: a fly, a moth, a mouse, a bird or even cute bunny rabbits. It’s not pretty but it’s what’s cats want to do more than anything, even the sweetest kitty you know, perhaps sitting in your lap right now. Cats are hunters. Most cats have to satisfy their hunting instinct with toys and games but if they had to choose, they’d choose live prey.

During film the shoot, Odin tried to be a good actor and go after a bird, but he failed. He hasn’t stopped trying and yesterday he succeeded. The only good thing: It was a quick kill without torture play and no blood. I’ve never seen Odin happier or more proud. One of his favorite toys is a small bird which is retrieves on command and plays fetch with, but there’s no substitute for the real deal. He paraded all over the house, up and down stairs with his prize dangling from his mouth. Finally, he placed it down in the dining room (where else?) To my horror, I found it bore striking resemblance to his bird toy. He received lavish praise for his hunting skills but no bird for dinner.

bird in the hand-quote-cat-odin-daily-show-cat vs birds

On a lighter note: Odin just may be the happiest cat in the world.

cat-world-funny-odin And Merlin, Gris Gris and Domino say…


The best news this week is the huge breakthrough with foster gal Ling Ling. She is transforming from a hissy Dragon Lady to playful new girl friend for Odin. I’ve found blending creativity with intuition works best with behavioral issues. What works for one cat doesn’t necessarily work for another. Since Ling Ling loves ribbons, I devised a toy from a six-foot length of ribbon and tied two small stuffed toys at either end. With the door to her quarters open, I threw the toy towards her like a fishing line and slowly wiggled it until she pounced. Odin is fascinated with her but she’d hiss if he moved within three feet of her. The toy distracted her and she felt safe watching Odin play with the end at a comfortable distance. Before long they followed the toy downstairs and into the living room where Ling Ling finally felt comfortable exploring every nook and cranny.

Last night, my step-kids came over and she was watching TV playing and cuddling with the whole gang as if she’s been here forever. She still has no use for Merlin or Gris Gris and is embodying her inner princess. Merlin is happy I’m no longer spending part of the night with Ling Ling. Like any parent, it’s important to spend one-on-one time with your babies. Merlin needed more quality time with me to reassure him all was well. We hung out in the garden just the two of us and he told me he doesn’t want Ling Ling to sleep in the same room. For now, she continues to sleep locked up in her own wing at night, because after all, Merlin remains king. The juggling of feline family dynamics shifts every day. As a cat parent, I recommend the stop, look, listen rule. Stop what you’re doing regularly and give your cats your full attention. Look, at your cat’s closely for any changes, physically or behaviorally. Listen to them with both your ears and your intuition. Our cats are constantly communicating with us if we listen.

princess-ling ling-siamese-cat

After a long illness, feral Domino is reveling in his daily playtime with his pals and has recuperated nicely from a long summer of meds. He poked his head indoors for the first time this year and we can only hope he decides to come indoors this winter.

cat-feral-domino-ragdoll It’s hard to believe this beautifully groomed cat is feral, and has never seen a brush. This was taken yesterday on the porch where he takes his job of porch sentry seriously. He has a minor remaining limp but gallops happily after Gris Gris, who is beginning to warm up to him. Gris Gris spends as much time as possible outdoors solo, savoring every moment of summer, but takes pride in his job care-taking.

Merlin loves his walks with seeing-eye cat and bodyguard Gris Gris who trails behind faithfully protecting him from real and imaginary enemies.

tempus-fugit-time-flies-quote-cat-garden Summer is fading fast. Enjoy every minute…cats-walking-woods-merlin

It’s been a hot summer for many of our readers. We send cool thoughts your way via Odin who loves digging in the snow. He’s probably the only one at our house looking forward to snow! Have a happy weekend!




  • Spitty-the-Kitty

    Odin, Odin, Odin! Good boy! I used to have a cat that killed something every freaking day and brought it to the door. That’s one thing I don’t miss now that my kitty is an indoor-only one!

    Glad to see the happy news about Ling-Ling.

  • Marg

    WEll that was a wonderful post with all that good news, especially Odin making his first kill. He must be so proud. How hysterical to put it on the dining room table. Here is dinner Mom.
    We are also thrilled to hear that Dom is doing so well. Maybe he will come in house this winter since he has made friends with Odin and Gris Gris. That is so great. Take care.

  • Katnip Lounge

    Ar least Odin killed the bird–CC brought a live dove into the house and released it. You can IMAGINE the pandemonium…and poop.
    How wonderful that Ling Ling is integrating…perhaps Domino will be next!

  • Cheysuli

    I am impressed Odin! What a great hunter you are! Georgia was that way. The Woman had to explain to her that she really didn’t need to work that hard on her behalf, but she did appreciate the thought. Georgia decided she liked napping better than catching so we did not have more birds. We are glad that Ling Ling is settling in!

    • boomermuse

      Funny how matter how often we explain how we don’t like killing, they continue. They must think we’re dense 😉 Ling Ling is making remarkable progress, thanks!

  • CATachresis

    Yes it is of course true that cats are hunters and killers. We should never forget that. Mine is a happy hunter and leaves his offerings (usually dead) proudly outside my bedroom window! I tell him I don’t like it, but he can’t understand why I’m displeased!

    I so agree that cats are constantly communicating with us. he must think I’m very thick, but every so often we are in tune and I feel very honoured to be included in his world, even if it’s just for a moment.

    Thanks for the update on Ling Ling. Just shows what patience and loving care will do.

    • boomermuse

      Austin, a happy hunter is a happy cat indeed. I agree, they often must think us think or stupid. Thank-you for your kind words about Ling Ling.

  • Deb Barnes - Zee and Zoey

    Very good post Layla – I agree so much with your advice on giving your cats the individual time they need with you and to really pay attention to what they are communicating to you. I always get a bit frustrated when people rush cat relationships without understanding it takes time and patience to have a multi-cat family. The dynamic does change frequently – then, just like magic, chaos can become calm and tentative relationships can become friendships.

    Much as I do not like to see a poor bird taken prey, it is instinctual and it is amazing to witness a cat whose whole demeanor beams with pride like Odin’s. We can’t fault a cat for being a cat – that’s why we love them so much. We just have to tell them they did a good job and try to keep the temptations at a minimum!

    Great hearing about your whole gang. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    • boomermuse

      Deb, thanks for your comment. I know I was going out on a limb posting the pic of Odin and the bird. Many blogs sugarcoat cats into cuteness, I want to show both sides here.

    • boomermuse

      Thanks Ingrid. Odin can charm anyone, even birds out of trees unfortunately. Domino is a true survivor and nothing males us happier.

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