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Hump Day Humor Vintage Cat Lady Style

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Hump Day Humor in Vintage Cat Lady Style is in honor of National Pet Month. Its focus is on how we can be more responsible pet parents. The # 1 message is a no brainer. Please spay or neuter your pets. Millions of unwanted pets are euthanized every year. It’s an unfunny truth that can be changed with awareness and do the right thing.

Our weekly cat caption contest pokes fun at vintage style and breathes new life into old images. The results are often shockingly modern.

This cat mom from circa 1908 is practically rolling her eyes at her dilemma. We asked for a snarky caption and C.K. delivered the winning caption with a hiss, boom, bah! Big purrs of congrats to C.K. aka Cathy Keisha who happens to be a cat with cattitude. C.K. has been keeping it real and telling it as it is since 2009 at her blog Stunning Keisha


Our new cat caption selection is an oddly familiar scenario for most cat ladies. Even if you normally can’t think of funny captions, this one is crazy easy. Go on, have a go. What could those two friends be thinking or writing about? Leave your thoughts in a comment and you might be next week’s clever winner.


Does your cat sit beside you while you’re on the computer? Last night, I left my laptop on the bed and when I got back from the kitchen, Nou Nou streaked off the bed the ways cats do when they know they’ve done something unusual or unwelcome.

She loves the warmth or weird electrical mojo. This time she’d pressed some unknown keys and turned the screen upside down. Who knew this was possible? Not me. And why would anyone want to do a 180? Have you ever tried typing a Google search sideways? Not fun. It was an easy fix of control, alt and refresh to normal.

As always, we can learn something new from our cats when we least expect it.


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