Cat Wisdom 101 Turns 5 & Memorial Day Meows

Instead of Mondays With Merlin, it’s Memorial Day Meows as we salute our U.S. military for past and present service. 


 We created one new shareable graphic but the beauty of blogging for 5 years, is accruing a massive archive of content including images.


Cat Wisdom 101 is turning 5 this week!

What an amazing journey and we couldn’t have done it without you because we’ve done it for you! Over 2000 posts from fun to factual, cat care and behavior, cat culture to causes, sharing thousands of our own images and graphics, hundreds of cat products reviews and giveaways, hundreds of cat book reviews and more! Chances are if you do a search on any cat topic, something will pop up from our archives.

Our readers mean the world to us and our loyal subscribers are angels. Some of you have stuck by us from day one, through life’s ups and downs, tech woes and changes in direction. Every comment, email, private message is welcome. It’s been a privilege to serve you and build our wise and wonderful tribe of cat lovers.

Thank-you for making time in your busy day to stop by and thank-you as always, for loving cats.

I hope you can celebrate my 6th birthday this week xo, Odin


Odin is turning six and Nou Nou is turning 3!

Technically, we launched our blog on June 1, 2011 but will be celebrating all week, featuring two giveaways this week and another special giveaway next week. Stay tuned for the exact day. It all depends on whether we can get the finishing touches on our Kickstarter completed this week for our black cat anthology launch next week. Whew, we’re ready for hammock time!

We’d hoped to launch our new website design this week but the Fates had other things in mind. Let’s just say for now that the past few months will go down as the most challenging personally, in my entire life.  A perfect storm of multiple events could be called life-changing, transformational or hell. I’m not ready to divulge any of it yet, but will in June.

I’ve always believed everything happens for a reason. Divine timing is perfect even when it feels like a catastrophe and crash course in life lessons. How it will impact my blogging remains to be seen. My renewed commitment and mandate is to help cats and the women who love them. That’s the easy part and I hope you’ll join me on the next step of our journey at Cat Wisdom 101.

Peace, Love & Purrs of gratitude,




For Americans, this holiday weekend is our official kick-off to summer. For us it means spending most of our time on the porch or garden, having picnics with the cats, BBQs , hammock time and going barefoot as much as possible. It also means doing daily tick checks on all of us. grooming with a flea comb and placing a water fountain on the porch for easy access. The porch is our summer office and these words are written tapping away while gently rocking on a rocking chair. The warm moist air is heavy with honeysuckle and the promise of summer fun.

Summer is paws down our favorite season. How about you?

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