How Black Cats Are Every Day Lifesavers

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How Black Cats Are Every Day Lifesavers by Clyde feline author and editor.

Happy New Year my dears. It’s Clyde and I’m back blogging about all things black cat. Namely our fantastic, furry fabuliciousness. Is that a word? It is now.

January is the beginning of the new year but I feel it just started yesterday with the new moon and solar eclipse. The new moon is always the best time to begin something new, so set your intentions of what you’d like to accomplish this month and year. It’s a rough year for many of us, so be kind especially to your own dear self. My feline intuition says I’ll be repeating that message often

If you feel tugged in all directions, I strongly suggest going out in nature to clear your head. You’d be surprised what you might find besides a calmer brain. My furbro Odin told me he saw magnolia buds the garden already. He thought they looked like fuzzy gray mouse heads but he was disappointed that they didn’t taste meaty. He also says ALL cats are lifesavers. I might have to agree with him this time. After all, we live in tumultuous times.

And to that I say, “Life is hard. Cats are soft. Let’s snuggle.”


My goal is to reach my 19th birthday on the 18th and continue my work as a black cat adoption ambassador. It does my old heart good to hear wonderful stories of happy endings. My mom Layla who scans email so I don’t have to ( yes, I trained her well) received an email that made our day. It’s such a delight, I just had to share. In fact, it got me thinking how so many cat rescuers, TNR folks, advocates and animal do-gooders who don’t get recognition and to you I say: Thank you.

You may wonder if you’re making a difference because you don’t have buckets of cash, millions of likes or in social media parlance “reach”. Balderdash, I say. I believe we make a difference one purr at a time. We can’t save them all and the need is bottomless but think of the joy from saving one cat from misery. Just one. Is that not worth it? You bet your fur covered clothing it does. Thank you for doing what you can.

Here’s the lovely note from Widget the cat’s dad. He embodies what we love so much about black cat lovers. Let’s send him some healing purrrrrrrs. 



10 years ago I became catless for the first time in 40 years. My daughter had moved out and left her black and white cat, Patches, in my care. When he passed, in my arms, I suddenly lived in a house, not a home. I went to the SPCA two days later. A one-eyed older female black cat picked me out and said “You’re my human.” The staff told me I didn’t want that cat and tried to steer me elsewhere. They made me come back twice to be sure I wanted her. But she really wanted me. After the third visit the staff was convinced and said they’d spay her and I could pick her up on Monday. I told her I’d be back for her in a few days. She immediately went to the back of her cage and groomed herself. Getting ready for her big date!

Many cats have graced my home over the years, most of them black. Not that I really had a thing for black cats, they seem to have a thing for me. But Jackie is 2nd to none of them. I live in Hollywood PA, outside of Philadelphia. My neighbors all call her the mayor of Hollywood. There’s a junior college nearby and the students go out of their way to visit her, even ask me where she is if she’s not outside to visit them when they go by. Shortly after she adopted me I divorced. She saved my life during that difficult time.

A few years later I again inherited my daughter’s cats, both black, Munchie and Widget. Munchie needed a solitary cat home. I’m a psychologist, so she was placed with an older client of mine where they watch tv and drink tea together. Widget has become my nurse cat. I’ve had a few severe illnesses and she never leaves my side except when we both have to use the litter box lol. She’s purring next to me as I write this.

My sister gave me your book, black cats tell all, for xmas and I’m reading it now so I had to write to you. I inherited a 3rd cat, only half black but she thinks she’s all black. The Fuzzbucket I call her.

I’ve had pneumonia the past month or so and can hardly leave the house. My girls maintain constant vigil on me, at least one if not all 3 are with me at all times.

How we all love each other! If you write another book, please feel free to use this story. Widget has her own Facebook page, widget cat, as she likes to photobomb. Bless you for your work.

All the best,

Jim B.

All cats are naturally creative creatures who have inspired artists for eons but black cats, dare I say, have a certain je ne sais quois? Every month I like to feature old covers from the long defunct Magazines and found one from January 1919. Perhaps the model is a distant relative of yours? Enjoy! In case you missed our special January 2019 calendar, take a peak, it’s free.

Stay warm or cool depending on your latitude.


Clyde and assistants



  • meowmeowmans

    What a lovely story! We hope Widget’s dad gets better soon. As for black cat being lifesavers, we would tend to agree. We know Gracie and Ava, and our angel Zoe, have given us so much love and life. Hugs to you, dear friends.

  • Cathy Keisha

    What a great story. I was disappointed there wasn’t a pic of the one-eyed cat. Sending the human healing purrz. TW is feeling all good and stuff cos the cat she was trying to find a home for was adopted and is off the street. Saving cats; one at a time.

  • Skeeter And Izzy

    Clyde you will make it dude no doubts!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing Jim and his beauties wonderful story. That is how we would certainly feel without cats, in a house not a home indeed.
    We send purrs and prayers for Jim’s recovery and in the mean time know that he couldn’t have any better attendants than he does now! I can barely sleep without at least one cat on the bed.
    This story speaks of someone that truly “sees” with their heart. We all need to do more of that.
    We are trying to get caught up on the posts we missed when we were off from work.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  • da tabbies o trout towne

    widget; we R knot a loud on facebook sew we wood like ta say itz
    nice ta meet ewe….heer…..ewe bee gorgeouz…..we hope dad getz ta
    feelin 1000000000000 purrcent better N iz on de roadz of healthee
    N ree coveree ♥♥♥ 🙂 all de best two ewe both in 2019 !

  • Eastside Cats

    Clyde, I dragged The Hubby out to the park yesterday, and it was SO DELIGHTFUL! Being in nature just changes a body’s perspective, although I cannot say that I enjoy all of the stuffed birds and critters at the park nature center. The trees, the sunshine, the lake…AHHHHH!!!!

  • ellen beck

    Many good wishes for better health for Widget’s Dad. It is amazing how cats find us. It made my heart happy he has the comfort of a ‘team’ to keep an eye on him!
    These days, there are no black cats inside, only the colony. We are weirdos (I have been told) as one of the security cameras is pointed directly on their feeding station/heated area. Now there are 3 black cats we had a recent addition at least for the winter. He came beat up and thin, now he is fat and slick. Too cold to TNR, but next month it will happen, also a spitfire a true feral. Hubby calls him Melon Head – a mess of a name but he is a food hog if he decides to stay he will get a proper name.

    Clyde you will make it to your Birthday, of that I am sure. Cripes, Punchy is wobbling around. He sleeps so deeply once I dived into the enclosure to make sure he was still breathing- no clue how long this cat is gonna go the one female out there brings him treats as do the humans.

    Speaking of treats, it is grocery shopping day, so time to get ready!

    • Layla Morgan Wilde

      Weirdos? You. Never! I’d want to keep an eye there too. Melon head sounds like my kind of boy who will mellow after the snip. And oh dear Punchy in the dead of winter. Sleep brings comfort and may he slip away gently when it’s time. We know only too well about cats and a mind of their own xoxo

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