Holiday Caturday

Our cat daddy said Layla has gone away on a big metal bird to Florida. I kept looking in the sky but didn’t see her. The only thing worse? No Mystery Miss meetings. None. Nada. Zilch. I’d really hoped to see her this week. The warm weather made me a bit crazy…

Odin-cat-sun-cat wisdom 101-paws

I ran around racing up and down trees, digging and rolling in the dirt and getting very dirty. With no girlfriend to impress, who cares? This old telephone pole is my favorite scratching post. And you know what goes up must come…

odin-cat-tree-climbing-cat wisdom 101Odin-cat-climbing-cat wisdom 101My daddy calls me schmutz face.





Domino is my partner in dirt. He loves getting dirty too. Layla rolls her eyes and threatens to bathe us but cats are self-cleaning. We get our white socks April fresh with a lick and a promise. Here we are about to get into some mischief.

domino-odin-walking-cats-cat wisdom 101













Domino knows how to herd blind Merlin as well as Gris Gris.

Come on, a little to the left!

domino-merlin-walking-cats-cat wisdom 101










The extra warm winter has kept Merlin in good spirits. He’s lost weight and is in the early stages of kidney disease. We’ve noticed brisk walks stimulate his appetite. Every little bit helps.

Gris Gris loves sunbathing and inhaling the earth, hoping for spring and being his usual mysterious self.

Gris Gris -cat-smelling earth-cat wisdom 101










gris gris-cat-mysterious















Being the independent sort, he doesn’t mind that Layla is gone. Domino and me (Odin) are so busy playing, we’ve scarcely noticed her absence but Merlin is not amused. He knew even before the suitcase came out, so Layla had a good snuggle/communication session and promised to stay in touch. You know, like telepathy. It works for us. Anyway, Layla will be gone next Caturday as well, boo hoo, but we have all kinds of great surprises and posts lined up every day.

Are you doing anything different this weekend?

16 thoughts on “Holiday Caturday”

  1. Hi Layla,

    “Caturday, Caturday!” – isn’t that an Elton John song?

    Fun photo essay.

    “partner in dirt” πŸ™‚ Fitting way to describe that picture. Looks like they’re having a nice casual time wandering around – always nice to see.

    Cats really love to smell the earth, don’t they? Gris Gris looks like he’s enjoying himself. Our cats like to smell raw potatoes and beets. Probably because they smell like earth.

    Thanx for the story,

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

  2. We had a silver bird go by here a while ago but I don’t think she was on it. We live close to where those silver birds nest. Y’all have fun in the dirt!

  3. Layla should have called you three “The Marks Bros.”! She should also have sent you out here to visit Two Bad Guys and a Girl. We’d all have had a lot of fun!

  4. “Schmutz Face” OMG I laughed! I also laughed that the kitties are looking up in the sky for you on the “silver bird”

    Hope you are having MUCH warmer weather than we are and that you completely enjoy yourself!

  5. You gotta hunt down the metal bird and eat it so that it will not take your Layla away! I love the photo of Gris Gris inhaling the earth. I hope spring will arrive soon πŸ™‚

  6. Thank goodness Layla left the cat Daddy behind!! In our house, the suitcase can only mean trouble and us kitties don’t like it!!

    Poor little lovesick Odin with only his dreams of MM to get him through the day!!

    Hope you have a great trip Layla and we can’t wait to see all the wonderful surprise posts you have lined up!!!

  7. You boys stay out of serious trouble while Mom is away. You know how the shes get when boys are boys. Spring is truly juast around the corner again and the warm days are truly heaven to us felines! Mucho grande purrs and kitty kisses Skeeter and Izzy >^,,^< the our Moms away the cats will play sneaky eyes…

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