Holiday Caturday – We’ve Gone Fishin’

It’s a long weekend in the U.S. and we’ve gone fishin’ but please help yourself to some refreshments behind the barn in the secret garden.

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We need to rest up because we have a BIG week lined up to celebrate our 1st anniversary at Cat Wisdom 101 on June 1! There will be surprises and good things all week plus a BIG giveaway so be sure to visit every day.

Today is the last chance to enter our stylish cat poster giveaway The wiinner will be announced tomorrow!

Caption this contest. What might Domino (sitting) and Gris Gris (standing) be saying? We’ll post the winning caption next Saturday. The winner will win a special cat book and extra catnip cake at the shhhh surprise birthday party for Odin on June 2. Post entries anytime at this post until midnight June 1. All entries from anywhere in the world are eligible with a valid email address. If you are a Cat Wisdom 101 subscriber, say so in your comment for an extra chance to win.


14 thoughts on “Holiday Caturday – We’ve Gone Fishin’”

  1. Gris Gris: Odin! Get out of that tree now!
    Dom: Awww Gris, don’t be so hard on him he’s just a kid.

    We can’t wait til Odin’s pawty! We are subscribers and devoted followers of the boys and their people!
    Kittie kisses to all Skeeter and Izzy >^QQ^<

  2. Gris Gris: Can you BELIEVE the new neighbors???
    Domino: Yeah, I hear the big one’s a real dog.

    This is FuN!!! We’ll be sure to stop back during your exciting week! We’re subscribers too…through Google. Paws crossed! As if regular cake wasn’t amazing enough! CATNIP cake???

    : ) Katie

  3. Gris-Gris: Lookee who’s sneakin’ into our barn. I thought old Merlin had a hard time getting it up out of a chair!

    Domino: There’s life in the old boy yet. Merlin springs eternal!

    I’m a subscriber.

  4. Gris Gris: “Wow!!! That’a the most beautiful bird I have EVER seen in our garden!”

    Domino: “That’s no BIRD Gris Gris! That’s LAYLA!! She is beautiful but she is NO BIRD!”


    Gris Gris: Oh no! Odin is chasing away all his surprise party guests!

    Domino: Oh well…Extra catnip cake and caviar for me!

    (Yes, I am a Cat Wisdom 101 subscriber!)

  6. Wow! First anniversary, Odin’s birthday – lots of PARTAYING going on at Cat Wisdom. We’re “up” for it! Hope you have a nice LONG weekend too. As for a caption for the photo:

    Gris Gris: (singing) “I believe I can fly….I believe I can touch the sky…..!”
    Domino: (to self) “This guy’s had a BIT too much catnip I think!”

    We are of course subscribers (what self-respecting cat person isn’t?!?!?!)…….and Happy Weekend to you all!

    Pam and Sammy

  7. Gris Gris: Yo, Birdie – Here, Birdie, Birdie, Birdie. Over here! Yo!

    Domino: Gawd, get over yerself Gris. You can’t catch a bird unless you go out and get it. I just wanna sleep!

  8. Gris: Did you see that? Something moved over there under that bush!

    Domino: Dude, I’m watching the inside of my eyelids, I didn’t see anything!

    Fairly new subscriber, but now a morning habit before work to read while my (at this moment) 4 foster kitties repeatedly climb up my legs to my lap to try to read with me.

  9. Holy caturday, what a great post.

    Let me think about the captions, then I’ll be back. I’ll ask Ched and Mao or one might come to me in my sleep.

    Enjoy your weekend. I’m busy working, as usual.

    I am a catwisdom subscriber.

    1. Am confused. It says I have not registered on the site. I subscribe and get notices daily of the infinite wisdom of kittehs. What do I need to do to register? The box that says I have bot reg’d with the site does not tell me how to register with kitties.

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