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Easy and Sammy’s Rainbow Bridge Farewell Tour

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Easy and Sammy’s Rainbow Bridge Farewell Tour is a first of its kind.

What we love most about our fellow pet bloggers is their camaraderie and support during tough times. No pussy-footing here, it was a tough week and we had no plans to blog but when two of our dearest bloggers died this week, it trumped all our vet visits. Death always does. It brings us pet lovers closer together for mutual healing, knowing we are not alone.

One of the dearest cat bloggers we know, Pam and her cat Sammy of OneSpoiledCat have entertained us for years. When Sammy, age 16 was feeling his age, we worried of course but never expected the end to come this week. We hoped he’d rally once again but it was not to be and he crossed over to his next adventure. Ironically, other bloggers Madi and Easy had planned a special blog hop for Sammy, Come Fly With Us, as a tribute to Sammy before he died. Then, the unthinkable happened: Easy died first.

As you may know, we’re 110% cat around here and don’t visit many dog blogs but have loved visiting Easy Weimaraner a free-spirited Weimaraner named Easy and his wildly creative but catastrophe-prone humans in Brittany, France. For the past four years. Easy, the silvermistygrey wonderdog chewed his way into everyone’s hearts. There was never a dull moment in his world and the world is darker without him in it. But wait, nothing he did was ever like anyone else so Angel Easy is no different. Who knows, maybe, Merlin can show Easy and Sammy the joys of blogging from the great beyond.

Apparently Sammy already has today and The Come Fly With Me blog hop started yesterday with over 50 bloggers is amazing! Do scroll to the end and take a peek. Lots of love and creativity went into these posts.

The bloggers are showing their neck of the woods to Sammy but I wanted to reunite the two old friends for a new adventure of their own. Easy and Sammy’s Rainbow Bridge Farewell Tour.

On behalf of our entire feline family, we wish Angels Easy and Sammy blue skies ahead, endless chew toys and bacon. They will be welcome visitors all over the globe.

To their dear parents, we extend deepest purrs of condolence, and an easy grieving journey ahead.

Much love,

Layla, Clyde, Domino, Odin & Nou Nou


We’re a little late for the blog hop but better late than never. I’d spend two hours making individual memorial graphics for Easy and Sammy and my computer crashed so there is only this one.


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