Avoid Pet Shops Selling Puppies & Kittens + Win Gifts from ASPCA


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Vet 101 will return next week. A news story yesterday about a pet store theft in New Jersey disturbed me. Everything about it screams how wrong buying pets in pet shops is. The lack of security. The high prices. Hello, $3500 for a animal not bred at a legitimate breeder? Thievery is always about supply and demand. Consumer ignorance is no excuse. The pet thieves, shown clearly on the video camera and yes, there is a $1000 reward, saw an opportunity to make money stealing a live animal as casually as if it were an inanimate object.

As cat lovers and animal lovers we know how dear our furry family members are. This is why I urge you to take the ASPCA pledge and share their message.

As an added incentive we will randomly select a reader who shares this post to win a big gift bag of pet goodies from ASPCA. Let us know in a comment where you shared. The winner will be announced next Friday, Dec. 14, 2012.

By simply entering your zip code find what stores in your neighborhood sell pets from dubious sources. The pet shop in the news story is on the list. The media attention is all about how awful the crime was but if the store, The Aquarium located in Elmwood park N.J. didn’t sell puppies, this wouldn’t have happened.

As you may know, the holiday season presents a time when many people are buying gifts in pet stores. According to newly released poll, Americans plan to spend more than $2.5 billion on pets over the holidays this year. Unfortunately, 59% of pet gift shoppers would consider shopping at a store that also sells puppies and kittens— may be inadvertently supporting the puppy mill industry. The ASPCA is aiming to reduce this high percentage of potential shoppers by encouraging them not to shop for gifts at stores that sell puppies or kittens.

As an alternative, shoppers may consider giving gifts that make a difference in the lives of animals in need, such as those from the ASPCA online store.

37 thoughts on “Avoid Pet Shops Selling Puppies & Kittens + Win Gifts from ASPCA”

  1. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the identical comment. Is there any manner you’ll be able to take away me from that service? Thanks!

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  3. Shared on my fb page! Someone tried to tell me that they adopted there dog when in reality the purchased it from a puppy mill backyard breeder. They didn’t seem to understand the difference.

  4. We are 1,000% in support of this! We volunteer with peeps who actively protest PetLand for this very reason!! And we absolutely refuse to buy anything at all from a store that would sell such animals. Our shelter has been called in numerous times to rescue puppy mill dogs, and the things our mommy could tell you about their condition when they arrived…? Horror stories. At least now they have a future. We’d love to be entered – thanks ASPCA!

  5. Wow, I was really shocked to find a local retailer that sold puppies from “dubious sources” I had no idea. Glad that the others in our area don’t.

    We’d love that gift package 🙂

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  6. Meowy Christmas to all paws and humans. My mommy said we came from the ASPCA, she and daddy rescued us so we really love to win this from our 1st rescuers’s. ^..^

  7. Princess and Queenie would love to win the cat basket of goodies for Christmas. I also stand firm with the ASPCA against puppy mills. I love puppies and want one. Both cats say no but they agree that their canine friends need to be treated as nicely as felines too.

  8. I shared on Facebook. I am very pro-rescue pet. My four kitties all found and adopted me one way or another— backyard, born to a feral mom at the flea market, frontage road barely missed by a car. They’re my little furry teenaged children and I can’t imagine my life without them.

  9. shared on facebook and i’m going to check my zipcode right now. although, i would never buy anything from a pet store. my local shelter has small animals as well as cats and dogs; even farm animals.

  10. I also took the pledge and shared on Facebook and pinned it
    it for good measure.
    Puppy mills are evil!
    The one store also sells kittens. They have people who have
    litters for them. Mixed breed kittens in small glass cages.
    People have tried to stop it. No luck so far.

  11. Hi Layla,

    I’m with you and the ASPCA. Good pledge to take.

    I only get my pet supplies from Amazon and I either rescue pets myself or I get them from rescue organizations or shelters.

    Thank you for informing the public.

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

  12. Puppy mills need to be shut down! they have prospered since I was a kid.
    They’ve also destroyed many a good breed of dog with their indiscrimitable
    I’m gratefull most of the pet selling stores have shut down. There’s 2 I know of in my area that still need to close.

  13. Puppy mills are just about the saddest places I’ve ever heard of. Great post!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  14. A life should not be bought and sold, even the smallest ones are priceless. There is a difference in an adoption fee which helps cover the cost of housing,feeding and medical care for a shelter animal and the for profit, don’t care, pure dealing in selling a life regardless of the conditions or circumstances behind that life. Luv Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

  15. With so many animals waiting at the shelter for a good home, who would even think of buying one in the store? And at $3500?! Think of all the homeless animals that could have been helped with that money. And the animal was probably sick when it was bought.

  16. I’m “Mom” to a puppy mill survivor. She was nothing more than money making “breeding stock” to the people that neglected and abused her. While she did make it out alive, Sarah suffered irreparable physical & psychological damage at the hands of her greedy abusers. I cannot even begin to describe the heart wrenching first months after bringing her home. Even now, after 2 1/2 years, she only trusts me. I share information about puppy mills every chance I get. I shared this post on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/pin/191684527861744777/ & Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Chellesy1/status/276853008678125569

  17. Great topic at this time of year…Christmas puppies are right up there with the worst ideas ever…

    Sadly, when I entered my zip code I learned of 3 stores in my town that are selling puppies…two of them I had know about, but one was a surprise

  18. this storee had R hairs bristled two …..there’s been bullies in da familee for gener rayshunz round heer…we trooly hopes that who ever haz him, they is takin care oh him…..N askin yet another favor oh St Francis ta keep de pup safe pleez….

    oh and wood ya look at that…we putted in R zip codez N wa laa….

    mom new they wuz for ******* when they set up shop….


  19. I shared on Facebook. It seems to be a lot of dogs that get stolen. Are purebred kittens just not at these kinds of stores? I have never heard of a cat being stolen from a pet store. Maybe I’m oblivious to this, but I am curious. My girls were rescues so going into a pet store with live animals is not in my nature.

  20. great post…we are continually appalled that people would rather pay than adopt. We heard one lady say that she didn’t know the background of the animals from the shelter. And you do from the pet store???? holy heck lady….

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