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Avoid Pet Shops Selling Puppies & Kittens + Win Gifts from ASPCA

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Vet 101 will return next week. A news story yesterday about a pet store theft in New Jersey disturbed me. Everything about it screams how wrong buying pets in pet shops is. The lack of security. The high prices. Hello, $3500 for a animal not bred at a legitimate breeder? Thievery is always about supply and demand. Consumer ignorance is no excuse. The pet thieves, shown clearly on the video camera and yes, there is a $1000 reward, saw an opportunity to make money stealing a live animal as casually as if it were an inanimate object.

As cat lovers and animal lovers we know how dear our furry family members are. This is why I urge you to take the ASPCA pledge and share their message.

As an added incentive we will randomly select a reader who shares this post to win a big gift bag of pet goodies from ASPCA. Let us know in a comment where you shared. The winner will be announced next Friday, Dec. 14, 2012.

By simply entering your zip code find what stores in your neighborhood sell pets from dubious sources. The pet shop in the news story is on the list. The media attention is all about how awful the crime was but if the store, The Aquarium located in Elmwood park N.J. didn’t sell puppies, this wouldn’t have happened.

As you may know, the holiday season presents a time when many people are buying gifts in pet stores. According to newly released poll, Americans plan to spend more than $2.5 billion on pets over the holidays this year. Unfortunately, 59% of pet gift shoppers would consider shopping at a store that also sells puppies and kittens— may be inadvertently supporting the puppy mill industry. The ASPCA is aiming to reduce this high percentage of potential shoppers by encouraging them not to shop for gifts at stores that sell puppies or kittens.

As an alternative, shoppers may consider giving gifts that make a difference in the lives of animals in need, such as those from the ASPCA online store.


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