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Black Cat Halloween Luck, Contest, Vintage Cards

Layla Morgan Wilde/ October 22, 2016/ Cat Saturday, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Feline Fine Art, Feline Funnies, Holidays/ 50 comments

Happy Caturday dear cat lover friends. We have oodles of black cat Halloween luck, a contest and vintage Halloween cards. We’re so thrilled to share our unique art, we’re joining the cat art blog hop at AthenaCatGoddess today. In our quest to reframe black cats as adoptable as any other color, all the vintage art from 100+ years ago has

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Good Mews For Cat Wisdom 101 Subscribers +

Layla Morgan Wilde/ May 17, 2014/ Cat Saturday, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Secrets of Cats/ 25 comments

Happy Caturday! We have good news or mews for our dear Cat Wisdom 101 subscribers. Some of you have been impacted by our recent email notification glitches. We’re happy to announce we have a new, newsletter style email letting you know when we have new posts. They will be sent automatically at 2 AM EST. If you aren’t a subscriber, you

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Caturday: Mixed Bag of Tricks & Goodies

Layla Morgan Wilde/ April 12, 2014/ Book Reviews/giveaways/ Q + A, Cat Astrology, cat photo quotes, Cat Saturday, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Feline Fine Art, Holistic cat care/ 23 comments

We’ve been in the seventh circle of computer hell so this will be quickie Caturday. It’s the Saturday Cat Art Blog Hop at AthenaCatGoddess where lots of our cat blogger friends share their cat art. We had no time for anything too creative but came up with this sentiment. Do you agree? Our Current giveaways A Luxurious Aromatherapy Pet Spa in

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Caturday Art Blog Hop: Spring Has Sprung! & BlogPaws Discount +

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 22, 2014/ Cat Saturday, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Odin/ 25 comments

Spring has sprung and for many of us it’s doesn’t feel like it yet. I blogged about the “false spring” at Boomer Muse but we’re happy for the longer days and bigger sun puddles. How about you? We’re hopping on the Saturday Cat Art hop and did a different version of Odin in the garden at the CWA (Cat Writer’s Association’s)

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2014 Global Pet Expo Best Cat Product Awards + News & Mews, Cat Art Blog Hop

Layla Morgan Wilde/ March 15, 2014/ Cat Behavior 101, Cat Saturday, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Holidays, Layla Morgan Wilde, Reviews & interviews/ 27 comments

Scroll down for our big news! Global Pet Expo, the largest pet product expo with over 3000 exhibitors impressed pet lovers from all over the world this week in Orlando Florida. We pride ourselves on sharing the latest and best cat news products with you dear reader. The pet product industry continues to grow with a forecast of pet lovers

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