Furball Fables New Halloween Variety Cat Show

The countdown to Halloween continues and we have a special treat for you. The Furball Fables New Halloween Variety Cat Show is funny, quirky and meowvelous!

Imagine if cats put on a Meowloween variety show and some unwelcome guests arrive and try to spoil everything. That would be the 2nd episode of the Mew Cat Show by Furball Fables – The Spooktacular Meowloween Special. The web series the brainchild of my friend Chase Holiday, the L.A. -based creator of the Furball Fables which star her own fab 5 cats including black Buddha who is featured in our Black Cats Tell All book.

Chase Holiday says, “Meowloween is our favorite holiday and I am so excited about this show. In what might be called one of the first Cat Shows for cats and their humans, the unique 22 minute show is full of surprises at every turn.”


The jam-packed fun but spooky celebration has a delightful Halloween hostess, Miss Kitty Glitter of the We Like KItties Club, Spooky visitors, a Cat Costume contest, DIY Cat toy project, Black Cat Awareness and a visit to the Cat Queen. AND you get to watch it here for free.

The new show features all five Furball Cats from Furball Fables, the long running YouTube channel. Holiday says, “The Furball Fables channel needed a new direction. The idea of doing a show had been on my mind for a long time. This summer after a break on youtube to rethink things, I started to put it all on paper. When I realized the many possibilities I got very excited.

The first episode, billed as TV for Cat People, was released last month and had a Catification theme. The show featured Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther, Architects for Animals event for Fixnation along with other Catification ideas.  But would anyone watch a 22 minute show? 

Holiday says, “This is so different from the well known format of 1-2 minute cat videos. The show was really like starting for scratch. I would have to build a new audience and community. I have committed to 6 months of shows, one show a month with extra videos in between.


The show will feature the Furball Cats and their human trying to navigate the world of cat culture, including stories, products, events, hacks and the reality of competition and cattiness in the social media world of cats. 

Holiday is still working on branding, trying to figure out how to get sponsors, plotting future episodes and working her day job as a Cat Nanny.  The whole show is written, shot and edited by Holiday with no staff and self-funded. Her dream is to collaborate with other cat people who will contribute content as well as community participation. “I know there is a huge audience for cats but how I get the show in front of those cat people is challenging. By starting from the ground up, we hope to build a community of cat people who will enjoy our crazy antics. Each show will be different and unique.”

I think she did an amazing job and can’t wait for the next one. P.S. our Black Cat Awareness Month video is included in the show.

Watch the Meowloween Special show right meow if you dare. If you like it, you know what to do: like, comment and share.

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Lots of furry love,

Layla, Clyde, Domino, Odin and Nou Nou

7 thoughts on “Furball Fables New Halloween Variety Cat Show”

  1. This sounds like so much fun. We must take time to watch!
    Happy Meowloween to all !!!!! >^..^<
    Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang

  2. This sounds a great idea, and we will be back to watch this show and the previous one if we can. This deserves to go viral out there so the world can have as much fun as we do.

  3. We LURV black cats, and although we are getting a bit ‘aged’ for lots of Halloween stuff, it’s always a special date for The Hubby and me, bc our first date was to a Halloween party on 10/31.

  4. Oh! if you right click you can leave a comment!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Layla!!!! We are soooo excited you shared something about our new show! We hope your readers will like it and get inspired for Meowloween!!! Happy Meowloween! Chase and the Furballs xox

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