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Festive Christmas Cats From Our Festivus Home And Beyond

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Festive Christmas Cats From Our Festivus Home And Beyond by Layla Morgan Wilde

Ho, no, no! How did this happen? It’s Christmas Eve eve AKA FESTIVUS and I haven’t done my usual holiday blog posts.

In fact, it’s the first time since I began blogging in 2008 that there is no YULE blog (the link goes to Odin’s explanation of Yule).

I managed to create a holiday reel from my home for Instagram but not much else.

It’s clear the “new normal” means things change. My mantra this year is do less, say no even more than last year. It’s not mean, selfish or thoughtless. It’s sanity saving, spiritual self-care and plain smart. The truth is I had no choice. My already over-active cytokines from Lyme/fibro/CFS went into overdrive after the Moderna booster. Hello, worst flare of my life. Full stop. Do not pass go. What fresh hell is this? What about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? Um, yes.

For two weeks I could barely get out of bed. All my plans evaporated. There are still unfinished Christmas cards (a few did get mailed), The tree got trimmed. No cookies got baked. Nou Nou insisted on draping herself like fur scarf on my chest 24/7. X number of holiday card design fails. Some repurposed stories on Instagram. Venturing barefoot in my bathrobe to ground myself in the garden helped. Ditto endless healing binaural music from Youtube. Try it. There are a gazillion ones for every possible issue.

Gradually my brain felt less like molasses but i’m still at half speed. So what to do?

A holiday hodge podge for Festivus! This is a totally spontaneous bunch of stuff that might amuse during this crazy holiday season.

The shocker! Nou Nou willingly posing with a hat.

I’d planned to post ads for my shop for Yule like this. Too late this year but holy Bast, you don’t need a holiday to buy cat stuff. Don’t tell anyone but I’ll still honor the discount code MEOW20 at MEOWMAGIC.

Yule cat mug

Do you love the cats of Louis Wain as much as I do?


The brilliant Victorian illustrator and cat man I’ve obsessed over for years is getting his due. Amazon Prime has a biopic of his fascinating life and it’s charming, evocative and beautifully done. It’s a perfect film to get your mind off holiday stress. Enjoy the trailer The Electrical Life of Louis Wain.

I really wanted to do a proper photo shoot with Odin. Something fun and festive but no dice. He cooperated for the Naughty or Nice challenge but he was naughty all the way this year. Ironically, Nou Nou posed like a queen fearless on the sofa while we had a doggie friend visit. Go figure. And forget about a nice holiday card with everyone in it. Maybe next year.

Of course Instagram is chock full of the most gorgeous festive felines decked out in their finery. Seriously, they out did themselves this year.

This is a quick collage from some of the many cats who tagged me. Well, maybe not so quick. Editing took longer and then damn, I had to add all their names which took forever. So there you have it and I’m ready to sleep for a hundred years. I wish you a very Meowy Christmas and purring for a way better New Year for all.

Much love and appreciation always,

Layla, Odin, Nou Nou & Angels


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