2022 New Year’s Mew Year Cat Art Plus

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2022 New Year’s Mew Year Cat Art Plus by Layla Morgan Wilde

My annual New Year’s Newsletter is extra juicy this year and includes a mindfulness gift but it’s only available to subscribers.

Are you ready to say bye bye to 2021? I know I am, and to celebrate I’ve created and curated a very unique collection this year. Every year I try to do something different like mew years New Year With Old-fashioned Cats Cats, Vintage New Year Cards and Diversity the mega 100 Years of New Year’s Eve Cheer With Cats.

We’ve all experienced an unusual year of change, loss and for many of us a feeling as if the proverbial rug was pulled from under our feet. There is comfort from familiarity, of old traditions and I love how no matter what people have always loved cats.

It’s easy to glamorize New Year’s Eve. The Sparkle! The Champagne! The Midnight Kisses! I’ve experienced every conceivable celebration from luxe, louche to lonely and what I’ve learned is: simple is best. Simple like what a cat would enjoy.

My recipe for a purrfect Mew Year’s Eve.

Nothing too loud, irritating or invasive. No strangers! Something yummy to eat and drink, maybe an exotic nibble. A cozy warm and soft place to lounge. A fireplace? A luxurious blankie or two. A view of twinkly stars or something exciting on Netflix. Cuddling something or someone with or without fur. Soft, ear-pleasing music or purring. No New Year’s Resolutions except to hiss less and purr more.

And in an alternate reality…

vintage cats new year's eve

I was thinking what was happening a 100 years ago and found a few New Year’s cards from 1922 which I’ve edited. Share or Pin is that’s your thing. I’m shocked at how many vintage cards I’ve posted over the years are now sold on Etsy, Zazzle etc. I probably should too but I’d rather gift them to you.

1922 new year's card cat

The cat VS dog debate is nothing new. Do cats really rule and dogs drool?

I love the embossed cat, bat and moon motif.

This is easily the oddest one. Is is playful or sinister? The background was an ugly brown with a blood-like smear of ink, I had to fix it. The cat itself is well drawn and deserved a little makeover.

Many of the vintage inscriptions are flowery and sentimental. Is this just gilding the lily or not?

I think this New Year’s wish from 1922 is still timely in 2022.

Kittens and little girls are perennial favorites for any holiday.

As the years go by, the color palettes shift to brighter tones after WW2.

Every old is new again?

Digging deeper to the past, I refreshed and deconstructed a couple of my favorite Wain illustrations.

This is probably my most saleable design and I think I’ll make a birthday card from it. What do you think?

Even those of us with crystal balls can’t be sure what the future brings, but I’m hopeful 2022 will ease some of the chaos of 2021.

I leave you with some motivational wisdom from cats. May you get what you most desire.

Much love and cheers to a wildly, wonderful NEW YEAR!

Layla, Odin, Nou Nou and the Angel kitties.

new years resolution cats

And a bonus New Year card from @blackcatsofig Have a magical 2022. I will be creating more magic at my Meow Magic shop in the New Year.


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