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Everything About Cats in December, Cat Lovers Month

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Everything About Cats in December, Cat Lovers Month by Layla Morgan Wilde

Hello, December! It feels like December just crept up on quiet cat paws. Wasn’t it just Halloween two minutes ago? Yikes, I still have a huge pumpkin outside my front door. Like it or not the change of calendar month means the holiday season is in full swing. I’m so not ready, are you?

An oldie of Layla & Merlin.

Ready or not, as if we didn’t have enough to celebrate…

Did you know the entire month of December is CAT LOVERS MONTH? Happy dance anyone?

happy dance gif

Depending on where you live, the days are shorter, the weather cooler and regardless, there is a whiff of exciting change in the air.

We are weeks away from 2022 and the fresh NEW Year but until then, I have expert tips, tidbits and other goodies to make December more jolly for you and your cats.

I feel badly that I didn’t let subscribers’ know about my Giving Back Day sale at my MEOW MAGIC shop yesterday BUT for today, December 1st only, everything is on sale with code HOLIDAY15 at checkout. There is some cool new cat art too! I know most people do everything on mobile but the dropdown menu is better off mobile. Tons of choices for any cat lover at MEOW MAGIC SHOP

Happy Hanukkah if you celebrating. I’m married to a non-observant Jew who claims our cat Odin is Jewish. Curious about the Religion of Cats? Let me know what religion your cats are (if any).

hanukkah gifts

OUR NEW UPDATED DECEMBER Calendar with some new holidays of special interest to cat lovers on Instagram.

december cat holidays


Odin was due for his monthly flea/tick topical but we thought since it’s December, let’s wait. BAD IDEA. Hubby was stroking Odin today and found a healthy, live deer tick. The kind the transmits Lyme disease. Please keep your pet’s flea/tick protection up to date.

Unexpected weird things are stressful. I was editing an old Moon cat design I’d posted years ago based on a Louis Wain illustration. My new version is for sale in my shop (see the image with mugs) Wain’s work is in the Public Domain but derivative works are copyright. To my dismay, I noticed two sellers on EBay selling my old design. I contacted them. One removed it with apology while the other did not and was rude. He’s sold 51 so far. It irks since I haven’t sold any of a much nicer version in my shop.

There are hazards seen and unseen during every season. Be Prepared. I’ve updated our Holiday Hazards infographic as a reminder.

holiday season cats infographic

Better to be safe than sorry. I’ve update our Holiday Hazards infographic. I made the cutest gif of Nou Nou this morning but I have to prep for a Clubhouse event I’m hosting on reducing Holiday Season Stress. There are more goodies to share but I’m taking my own #1 advice for you. DO LESS. Say NO more. Pace yourself this holiday season. You and your cats will be happier.

Lots of light and love,

Layla, Odin, Nou Nou & the Angels


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