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Feline Love Blossoms During Be Kind To Animals Week

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Feline Love Blossoms During Be Kind To Animals Week and Month by Feline Editor Clyde.

Well, I’m not the most talkative cat but I have so much to meow about, this post will continue tomorrow. It’s Be Kind To Animals Week and all month actually, but it’s easier to be kind when humans aren’t stressed. This fab cat and mouse illustration by Hugo Horita sums up how we’re feeling. The need to cooperate, communicate in loving kindness while fighting non-animal battles.


So, my mom Layla embarked on a Digital Detox last week and you’d think it would free up time for important things. How relaxing to unplug and connect with nature. More me time. More snuggling cat time. That would be idyllic, yes? While it’s true about some of the above happening but it’s also been lava-spewing volatile. The weather is schizo with a 40 degree yo-yo. There is a mysterious leak in the fridge, glasses shattered, we found worms in the lox (no more sushi for Layla), the car broke down, tempers flared and Odin went on a killing spree. Layla pulled her back out over a week ago and it’s another reason she’s been a grouchy gremlin. Domino was ill, hiding under the bed with a touch of diarrhea, Layla’s email auto-reply worked but a massive amount of spam and other emails piled up. Web maintenance, renewing URLs and other odds and ends meant you know who is not fully unplugged. Granted, it’s at least 70?% less but still. What she really needs is an unplugged vacation or the mythical Swedish sleep cure at a spa for six months.

I really had to put my paw down about those wretched digital devices. The phone is not the issue. Layla drained the battery and didn’t even bother looking for it one day. She can go all day without a glance. Yes, she has not spoken on it once, only texted twice and briefly checked social accounts. Not bad but as Layla is journaling daily about the unplug experience. It’s clear the time/energy/brain suck addiction is the laptop and Google. Ironically, social media while a huge time suck is not her addiction. She does not miss any of it. The clickety click insights are whirring in her ADD addled brain which is good but not good. It will be very interesting what the next week will bring. Bast knows I have my work cut out for me.

Clyde_digital_detox_cat Layla is reading more for mindless fun like magazines so that’s progress. She more curious than any cat I’ve known and when she sees something in a newspaper or magazine, or while watching TV or a movie, she’ll Google it. Yes, there are two screens up but only because the password with one was acting wonky. Sheesh, you’d think it was Mercury in retrograde. The up side is she’s spending more time with me and I quite like it when she long phone calls with her girlfriends on speaker so I can hear. I like to chime in and make everyone laugh. It’s a landline so Layla does not consider it a digital device.


The really big up side is seeing everything turn green. Layla is doing daily garden and nature time meditation. And I must say, seeing this after the endless winter is worth the wait. They don’t call it the magic hour for nothing. My advice to anyone reading is to slow the hell down. I do know Mother Nature heals and so does love. I mean, how can you look at these blossoms and not feel a surge of love in your heart?


Cherry blossoms are tiny wonders but magnolia blossom sat 100 times larger are magic. You can smell these beauties from 100 yards. In fact, right from my window. Ah, breathe…


We all need more love and for trying times, we try just about anything including crystals. It’s not as woo woo as you might think and even if you do, they are pretty. I’m fond of sleeping with an old amber necklace Layla bought from Egyptian Bedouins twenty odd years ago and a rose quartz sphere a friend gave as a wedding gift in 2001. It has a soothing vibe and goodness knows we can use all the love we can get.


The Japanese, who celebrate cherry blossom or sakura season with viewing and hanging out under and near the sacred trees, believe they have tree spirits. More about that another day. I’ll end with this 1940 Japanese magazine cover of cherry blossom love. Did you know the Japanese love black cats and some single women believe a black cat will make them lucky in love. Sounds good to me. How about you?

Much love of all kinds to you this week! See you here tomorrow for more love.





  • Pipo/Angel-Minko/MrJackFreckles

    Wow, I thought for moment tht you hd a twin of our weeping Cherry tree! They sure are so beautiful and fleeting too, our was pretty about 2 days, then we had wind and storms to knock them all down. That Magnolia makes me want one too, so lovely!

    Have fun detoxing!

  • Teddy and Mom

    I’ve been spending less time “attached” to things…..I have rediscovered the joy of reading for one thing. It’s so easy to stay plugged in to the computer. We have stuck with a landline instead of cell phones so we don’t get caught up in texting. We are happy to be unplugged in that respect. It amazes me that you can’t sit in a waiting room or walk through a grocery store without seeing EVERYONE texting. LOL Anyway, YAY for de-toxing digitally……life’s too short to be plugged in every second – stop and smell the cherry blossoms, dig in the garden, walk in the park, write an actual NOTE on paper to a friend….yes I’m old-fashioned and old period, but happy to be relatively free from “devices” ! Nice to see you Layla…….hugs to you, Clyde, Domino and the rest of the crew.

    Love, Pam and Teddy too

  • easyweimaraner

    garden time and nature time is a balm for the soul… we escaped last saturday from all gadgets and the daily trouble and it was the best idea we ever had… now we are prepared for another truckload of sh… what life maybe will bring to us… sigh…

  • Erin The Cat

    Nature is one big healer, if we let it. But these are trying times. I love that your mom is taking a break, maybe you should too, Clyde, I mean now everything falls on you…
    Those blossoms are a delight for sure. I have some primroses from Canada, from Nerissa’s mom. They were his favourite, and I can understand why. They flowered this year and the scent is divine, little flowers bring much joy.
    Have a great and none digitised week
    Toodle pips and purrs

  • Kathryn

    Rose quartz, so beautiful. My birthstone.

    Digital detox! Yeah. Ched reminds me. He jumps on my lap and puts his tail in front of the screen. Now, he’s sleeping, so I’m sneeking some screen time.

    It is difficult for me to unplug. My work is online. And takes most of the day.

    My groceries just got delivered. Yay.

    Clyde is right about everything. Because he’s right. And because he’s a cat.

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