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Blogpaws 2015 Nashville

Certain things get better with age: women, wine, cheese, blue jeans and BlogPaws, the pet blogger conference. Okay and maybe cats (scroll to the end). Last week over 500 pet bloggers descended on Nashville many with assorted pets in tow. It was my second time attending and presenting (this year on a CWA cat writers panel) which elevated the presence of cat bloggers. Yes, CWA cat bloggers rock! Last year’s conference at a stunning resort near Vegas rocked but this year hit a high note in Nashville. Let’s face it; it’s easier traveling and being out in public with dogs so there have been more dogs attending Blogpaws. This year there was a whole lotta purring going on with more cats and kittens rocking the red carpet or hanging out publicly and privately with the pet loving crowd.

For me it was 5 days of perfect synchronicity of meeting just the right person at the right time. But life isn’t entirely perfect and there’s never enough time to spend with blogger friends old and new. I will post my conference highlights and pics once my brain unscrambles. This year I decided to take less pics and focus on face-to-face connections which are nothing short of extraordinary at Blogpaws.

There were of course dogs, big and…

Blogpaws dogs


Blogpaws Mars petcare

And cats. I managed some red carpet snuggle time with Kissy from Kitty L.A. based rescue group. Did you know today June 4 is HUG YOUR CAT DAY.

Layla Morgan Wilde- Blogpaws

The Blogpaws conference is incredible value with a jam-packed schedule and a comfortable room (and bed) to retire to is a must have, at least for me. I confess to being a messy hotel guest.

Sheraton Music City hotel Nashville-Blogpaws

Who knows what will happen next year when Blogpaws heads to Phoenix but my guess is it’s going to get even better. How could it not with better bloggers, more inspiring speakers at the awe-inspiring Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa. Check out the Blogpaws 50% off early bird pricing but only until June 5. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away. In fact, I wish I was at the spa right now. Blogpaws was intensely stimulating and my return trip turned into a catastrophe with the loss of all my digital devices at the airport and a flight delay requiring an overnight stay in D.C. I’m still beyond tired but I have no regrets. The experience proved so unbelievable, I documented the events and interactions with over 100 strangers one-on-one as they happened over 36 hours in a little notebook. They provided enough fodder for several articles, if not a book. Miraculously my digital devices were located and FedExed, arriving home before I did. Stay tuned. Life truly is stranger than fiction.

Radish The Shelter Cat UPDATE and reminder: JUNE is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month

Radish cat prayer Bast

If you’re a regular reader of Cat Wisdom 101, you know fate stepped in recently in a life or death situation with a shelter cat named Radish. Hubby wrote about him in The Huffington Post And Radish is leaving his shelter cage today! I’ve turned our large bathroom into a comfortable safe room and we’re signing the waivers of responsibility but not adoption before picking him up today. It also means he cannot be returned to the shelter. It’s not an ideal situation but if we didn’t act, he was on a kill-list and would likely be dead by now. Why did Radish get a second chance when others didn’t? I don’t know. It’s the most complicated cat situation I’ve ever been in. Taking responsibility for a pet whether fostering, adoption or rehoming is one I don’t take lightly. It’s been agonizing. The timing couldn’t be worse but I couldn’t say no.

Our vet, Dr. Rich Goldstein gave Radish an extensive exam last Thursday under sedation with blood panels, x-rays, urinalysis. He was The good news: Radish is Felv/FIV negative and he doesn’t consider him especially aggressive. The shocking news? Radish is about 14 and not the shelter estimate of 8 years. The not so good news. Radish has an enlarged heart and liver, thyroid disease and requires extensive dental. It’s no wonder he was bitey. He was vaccinated and a given an injection of antibiotics (periodontal inflammation) that will last for about 14 days and may be repeated with a follow-up visit by a house call by Dr. G.

The plan is to stabilize him in a healing environment, treat the thyroid with a prescription diet for before attempting any thyroid treatment or dental surgery. With his heart there is a risk putting him under anesthesia again. We’re taking it step-by-step and don’t know yet if we are in a position to adopt him but we’re committed to his well-being and secure future. Your kind donations paid for all vet fees thus far but not dental. Donations to his veterinary and dental fund are needed and appreciated. Once he is feeling better we’ll revisit adoption options.

Dr. G said, “Good luck with him. He seems to be a good cat at heart. Hopefully his medical issues can be brought under control and allow him to be happy and comfortable.”

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38 thoughts on “CWA Cat Bloggers Rock Blogpaws & Radish Update”

  1. Radish is very lucky that he now has you to love and care for him. I hope his dental problems can be sorted and that will make him feel so much better.

  2. Seniors are the very best. Radish is so lucky to have found you and I am hoping the antibiotics will kick in soon so he will feel a bit better and soon will be able to get his dental work done. Poor fella, he has to be hurting, but I am sure with you he is in the best of places he could be.
    BlogPaws always sounds fun. I am not a blogger but think it would be so nice to meet others passionate about animals !

    Purrs Radish, we are still tweeting for your fundraiser and wish you the very best,

  3. Thank you and your husband for saving Radish! We’re purring and praying that he will show his true good self as his various issues are addressed.

    We are sorry we could not go to BlogPaws this year. We missed you!



  4. It was so nice to be able to sit down and chat with you for a little bit at BlogPaws. I wish we’d have had more time. I do plan on going next year if everything goes well.’

    I admire your husband and you for taking care of Radish. I hope he’s able to experience some peace, love, and happiness for whatever time he has left.

    1. There’s never enough time to coonect with friends but even a short time face to face is gold 🙂 Thanks so much.

  5. You met 100 new people at BlogPaws? What a great idea to document a list of every one of them. You are far more organized than the head peep! It’s good to hear that Radish is getting a second (or is it third?) chance with you. The thyroid issue alone could account for some of the biting behavior, so paws crossed that his former personality will come back out after he’s feeling better.

  6. Radish is a great home with yous guys. Hes gots lots of fabulishious years left! And yous guys has hearts as big as Texas!!! What wonderful news!
    And looks at those hugs! Mes bets all the other cats is getting hugs at your house right now!

  7. We’re glad you found your digital devices back, and you had great time at BlogPaws despite this unexpected event. We loved to read your husband’s article ! Paws crossed for Radish : we know he’s at the best place for him with you. Purrs

  8. Layla, we are glad you had such a fab time at Blogpaws and that you made it safely home.
    We knew in our hearts that there was a reason for our dear new friend Radish to bite. Poor little thing. We thought that he might be older than thought. We know that you and Hubby will do right by him no matter what. We are so very glad to know people like you. It does my heart good to know that he has a second chance. We made another donation and wish we had more to give.
    We will continue to Purr and Pray for you all and all of the others that need an angel to find them too.
    Luvs to all,
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  9. Glad you had a great time at the conference despite unfortunate events on the way back.
    Best wishes for Radish. Even with some issues, he is a very lucky kitty to have found you. And blessings to you for making his life so much better.

  10. radish…..sendin trout, toona, salmon, mackerull, sea bass, shrimp, perch, bloo gill & cod…otherwize known az best best best fishes two ewe… that ya improove
    each day…once yur tellin de shelter staff….sew long, N yur chillaxin with momma’s boy N de crew; we noe ewe will start feelin WAY better….az all wayz
    de manee blessings oh St Francis two ewe…♥♥♥♥

  11. Happy HYC day! You’ve had a very exciting trip by all accounts!! Glad you are home with digital stuff not lost forever!! That would be a disaster!!

    All paws crossed for Radish. You are so good to take him! xx

  12. Our hearts are so FULL knowing Senior Boy Radish is being taken care of by you and your husband with help from all those who can afford to give it for his future healthcare needs. Fourteen – amazing….bless his heart. We have a feeling there’s a lot of sadness behind him in his long life, but we know for sure there’s happiness in his immediate future. Bless you…..bless everyone……especially blessings to dear Radish.

    Hugs on Hug Your Cat Day!
    Sammy and Mom Pam

  13. you are an Angel bringing Radish home the way you are, what a blessed kitty. I am sure Radish will thrive under your care.
    So sorry I didn’t get to see you this year at BlogPaws. We had such a blast during the sudden “windstorm” last year on the patio with dear Lorie!

    1. I missed you and we had another windstorm. I talked to a couple people about Lorie. It’s still hard to believe sh’s gone. Crazy or an angel, not sure which but he’s got a long healing road ahead.

  14. I feel Radish is in very good hands now, with the supremely excellent Dr. G and you and hubby. I will read your hub’s H-P story.

    I think Radish will show his good heart soon.

    This all makes me supremely happy. I just can’t tell you how much, Layla.

    I will contribute tomorrow, when my invoice comes in.

    The conference looks so much fun. I remember when you started blogging with your first blog and when you started this one!

    I just freaking love the 21st century. So many more options for everybody and every pet than in the 20th century!

    Layla, you rock!

    1. Beautiful article of your husband’s, Layla. I sent the link to Kristina.

      I am praying that Radish will survive the procedures, will heal and become a happy boy.

      1. And the same to you, Layla – Summer is almost here. Too cool but cats will like it. Ched and Mao send xoxox

  15. BlogPaws looks like a lot of fun. That was so kind of you to rescue Radish, I have a feeling once he feels better he will be much calmer. I just made a small donation, I wish it could have been more.

  16. I cross my paws for Radish and I hope for a meowy happy end…
    I’m glad your digital devices came back to you, I enjoyed it so much to read about your trip to Nashville, it would be so sad if all the photos and notes you made would be lost furever…

  17. The mom said it was great seeing you at BlogPaws. It was a fun conference this year.

    Purrs for Radish…and paws up to you for taking him in. We hope as he is treated for his various issues, he’ll feel better and act less aggressive.

  18. Paws crossed that Radish’s ills, physical and perhaps emotional (although it sounds like more of the former and not so much of the latter) can be healed. I’m sorry I missed you at BlogPaws – maybe I should have accompanied my human to her panel with you after all!

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