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#PetsAddLife Pet Poetry Contest For Kids

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

PALS kids poetry contest

Calling all kids who love pets. Think you can express your love for pet in 100 words or less? Of course you can! Like to win prizes? Sure you do! Kids learn the joys of responsible pet ownership and compassion for all animals by example. My love and respect for animals began at an early age. It was naturally instilled by my parents and observing the world around me. Not all kids were as lucky as me, but as adults we can make a difference in childrens’ lives even if we aren’t parents ourselves. My earliest memory of being wowed by an animal was at age two. It was a pet fox at an Indian reservation in Canada. Feeling the soft fur felt better than any teddy bear. It was breathing, alive with something I couldn’t describe then as spirit or soul, but I fell in love and in deep awe for all animals in that moment.

Child with fox

If you know a child in the third through eighth grade, who loves pets, encourage them to write a poem about owning a pet – and it can be a cat, dog, goldfish, whatever.

The kind folks at Pets Add Life (PAL) are offering these prizes.

* Each winner will receive a $250 gift certificate for pet products.

* Six winning poems (1 students for each grade level) will be selected nationally, and those student’s classrooms will receive a $1,000 scholarship (each) to spend on pet related education such as a field trip for their class to an area animal shelter, zoo or other pet related venue, books, or pets in the classroom.
Funny pet videos can spur insPURRation To increase responsible pet ownership and enhance our bond with animals, the folks at Pets Add Life (PAL) are adding new videos all the time that deal with humor and pets.

Check out the winners of last year’s PAL Poetry Contest 2012 PAL Pet Poetry Contest

How to Enter the Contest

* Deadline is January 13, 2014

* Entry form for PAL Pet Poetry Contest here

* Complete PAL Poetry Contest rules here

* Help us get the word out to encourage kids to be creative, write about pets and hopefully win some cool prizes! Sharing is caring. Please social media share this post!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network and the Pets Add Life (Pal) campaign. It’s a cause we believe in and our views are 100% our own.


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