dog days of summer
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Dog Days of Summer For Cats

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Odin-dog day afternoon

This Mancat Monday is almost wordless. Odin writes, directs and stars in his tribute to summer called The Dog Days of Summer For Cats.

Hey cat friends, it’s time I got my time in the spotlight. That media hog, Merlin thinks it’ll always be Mondays With Merlin but that’s not true. We’ve been giving extra attention because it’s probably his last summer but that’s what we said last summer. Ah, summer, it’s been very, very good to me. Plenty of fresh air, exercise, good food, a water fountain on the porch and the green splendor of nature’s carpet. There is nothing better than cool grass on a hot day. Splendour in the grass without a care in the world.

splendour in the grass with cats

BUT WAIT, THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING. thank goodness for flea/tick protection. Time to move to another location. I call this Splendour in the dirt. it’s a wild spot where’s voles and mousies lurk but some days are too hot to hunt if you know what I mean. Come on. come closer.

Odin-dog day afternoon-004

Welcome to my wild world. I have silk cushions, down duvets and every comfort at home. I have a cozy porch, comfy garden furniture and yet like most cats, if given the choice prefer dirt sometimes. It’s good to get your ear to the ground and listen the heartbeat of Mother earth.

Odin-dog day afternoon-006

it’s also good to sniff the air while nature’s back massagers do their magic. Ah, you humans should try it some time.

Odin-dog day afternoon-010

All the fresh air is making me relaxed and hungry for something Mmm…

Odin-dog day afternoon-012

I feel something happening. wait for it…

Odin-dog day afternoon-011



Ah, ah, ya know you can’t resist a good yawn…

Odin-dog day afternoon-009

Thanks taking time to pause for a paw break with me. Feel more relaxed? Did you yawn too? Good, my job is done. Now excuse me while I get back to taking it easy. Omc, I don’t know how you humans do it. Always busy. Working and… yawn…

Odin-dog day afternoon-007


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