Copy Cats?

In the seven years feral Domino has lived on our porch, I’ve never seen him climb a tree.  He adores Odin and follows him around like copy cat. Odin can charm snakes out of trees and one day I followed their antics, you guessed it, up a tree.

cats-cartoon-funny-tree-monkey see monkey do
This cedar tree has branches like ladder rungs and perfectly safe. Domino’s climbing skills left much to be desired. Odin tried giving advice but…

cats-tree-joke-tree dweller-ground dweller

With a big snowstorm brewing, Odin tries to convince Domino to come indoors.


cat-quote-time for change-cat wisdom 101

It’s official! Domino came inside last Friday as the first snow swirled cold and windy and he hasn’t wanted to leave since. He’s gradually adjusting and I’ll share the details later this week. It only took seven years. When it comes to cats: never say never. And yes, cat don’t always need to be copy cats. A ground dweller and tree dweller can live happily together.

18 thoughts on “Copy Cats?”

  1. This is my first time visiting your site. I love the captions on your photos. Good luck with Domino. Since he’s been hanging around for so long and came in on his own, he may settle in quite nicely.

    1. Welcome, Pumpkinpuddy, thanks. Domino is settling in nicely.
      @Carolyn, we tried the wood chip litter and our guys hated it. I’m always happy when our boys do any business outdoors. Less litter to clean!
      @Deb, you’ll be pleased to know how well Domino is doing.
      @Abby, we love our new house dweller.

  2. Cats just have to do everything in their own time and their own way. LOL. It’s so cool that he finally decided to give it a try. >^..^<

  3. Congratulations!! I’m so glad to hear that he finally came inside. I finally have my four feral kittens coming up to me. If I bribe them with food I can get the ring leader to let me pet her until she purrs.

  4. They say we all become wiser with age and Domino is definitely evidence of that!

    Maybe since he is older braving the winter is just too much and he knows it, he also probably FINALLY realizes that moving in with you is the equivalent of kitty utopia!

    As for his tree climbing skills? Domino’s physical appearance looks like he has visited “Domino’s” one too many times! 🙂

    1. Caren, LOL Domino is a hefty boy and now that’s he’s indoors he’s portions will be reduced.
      @Fuzzy Tales, cats are eternally amazing.
      @Ingrid, I agree, I don’t see much tree climbing in his future.
      @Angie, yes, positive all the way!
      @Carolyn, patience or destiny. Everything its time.

  5. FABULOUS! Just fabulous! I’m so happy Domino finally decided that being indoors is a good thing. As for the tree climbing, going by the expression on his face, I’m thinking that might be one thing he’s not going to do again anytime soon…

  6. OMG OMG OMG I am SOOO happy for Domino, Odin, YOU , Gris and Merlin, but ESPCIALLY for YOU, Domino and Odin. Amazing!!!!! He will soak up the warmth like a bug snug in a rug (like Cheddar here) and he might get a teensy big chubbs! But warm and cozy.

    I am sooo happy. 7 years! Gee. Didn’t know he was with you that long. I am SO in love with Domino (just don’t tell Ched or Mao).

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