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Caturday Ups and Downs

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

cat and mom sunbathing

Caturday NEWS & MEWS

What a week of ups and downs! Merlin and I have been enjoying lying on a beach towel in the garden savoring the limited time with have left together. Every day is precious and if you haven’t spent much time with your cat lately, don’t wait. Life is short. Homer the famous blind has died. Click here to see our memorial post if you missed it.

Homer the blind cat RIP




Our friend and cat blogger Deb from Zee & Zoe had a cat go to the Rainbow Bridge Her dear Jazz featured here in this beautiful pictorial died on Wednesday. Fly dear Mr. Jazz.

Our vet Dr. G. who often contributes to our Vet 101, arrived on Tuesday with his fab 26 foot mobile clinic. One-by-one the cats are scooped up and carried the few feet to the driveway. It doesn’t get any easier. The only one who has to be corralled from under the bed and into a carrier is Gris Gris. After the examinations, the clinic door opens and we allow them to release pent up stress by running out the door and they high tail it to the house.

  • The good news: Featherweight Gris Gris has gained over a pound and doing well. Odin is in excellent shape.
  • The not so good news: Domino has the kind dental issues common to FIV+ cats. There is a cavity that will need extraction sooner than later and periodontal care. Merlin has chronic periodontal issues requiring a once monthly course of antibiotics. The bad news is he’s lost over a pound in four months and is now a hair over seven pounds. This is a cat that weighed 17 pounds three years ago. He’s slowly wasting away from the ravages of kidney disease.
  • The good news is he’s feisty and in good humor. The amazing news is he does not need subcutaneous fluids yet.

mobile vet squad

The Cat Video Festival ended on Thursday and the winner of the Golden Kitty is Grumpy Cat aka Tardar sauce. The runner up was Catalogue, from our friend Alana from Cat in the Fridge blog. We think it deserved to win but it’s hard to compete with a cat who has over a million Facebook fans.

Have a meowvelous holiday weekend! Are you doing anything special? We’re planning to do a whole lot of nothing.

cat mom in garden


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