Super Sweet and Sad Caturday Gratitude

This Caturday is a mix of sweet and sad, funny and gratitude with videos and our “pay it forward” gift, a shareable #CatThanks graphic.

A U.K. pub where you can enjoy a pint with kitty companions has garnered much press this week. Pub cats or mascots are a common in the U.K. but not by the dozen. At the Bag of Nails pub, in Bristol, 15 kitties call it home.  They are a huge hit, giving cat cafes a run for their money with the growing trend to mix commerce and cats. In the U.S.  we have health code restrictions against that kind of furry interaction.  While searching on YouTube about pub cats I got distracted by the cutest video (funny how that happens). It’s a TV commercial from the U.K. for my favorite cookies. I used to love these biscuits when I lived in Canada but sigh, have to admit the kittens are way sweeter. And you know, you can’t have just one, cookie or kitten.

They are the super adorable British short hair breed. They have sweet temperaments and these are the ideal breed standard as demonstated by the owner/breeder/handler on a this young champion.

We haven’t posted much this week but got back into posting more on Facebook and Instagram. It’s been a rocky week with Merlin and our vet on speed dial. He’s rebounded but there were several times I was more than ready to let me him go. His vet reminded me otherwise from her 50 years of  being a feline-only vet.  We’re getting there but we’re honoring Merlin’s journey by not cutting it short. He’ll be expressing his views, loudly on Monday.

We’re heading (too fast for my liking) towards the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving. This year, I’m approaching it with equal parts joy, gratitude and dread. It’s been a tough time for many of us. Stress is at record levels. Every year I commit to doing less of what doesn’t bring joy.

This year, let’s focus on what matters and let go of the rest.

I’ve hardly blogged at my other blog Boomer Muse, but during Blog 4 Peace Day, a blogger from Canada left a comment. She’s not a cat or pet blogger but something guided me to visit her at StarDreaming. She posted a poem she recently wrote that spoke loudly to me of love, loss and letting go. I emailed Sherry, the blogger, and asked permission to create a post around the poem “Letting Go”, she kindly said yes. I didn’t have time but I made time and the act of writing someone else’s powerful words in a new form slowed time to a stop like magic.

 During this time of holiday frenzy, I encourage you do be guided to do what your feeds your soul first and your belly second.

A stranger reached out to me and inspired me. I’m passing her wisdom on to you and now you can do the same to pay it forward. Your message matters.
If cats are at the top of your list, and if this speaks to you, please share this graphic with your personal message of #CatThanks and gratitude. Tag us @catwisdom101 so we know you did and I promise to share, re-pin, reweet every single message to spread what really matters, far and wide.
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Last year we were grateful Merlin acted ASPCA spokescat for Adopt A Senior Pet Month.

ASPCA Adopt a Senior Pet Twitter chat-#seniorpets










This year, I was just happy he was still kicking and we posted this yesterday for those of you not on Facebook and Twitter.  Kittens are cute more than ever, I can recommend the sweet joys of adopting older cats. It’s very unlikely that I will ever adopt another kitten. Knowing that cats can and do live into their 20s, I don’t want that kind responsibility as I’m getting older. If you can relate to that, shelter are full of the most wonderful older cats waiting to share their sunshine years with you.

Friday The 13th-adopt a senior pet month

Just in case, you missed it, check out what happened at the awesome Purina Better With Pets Summit. Look for a follow-up on cat behavior next week based on interviews with several Purina experts including the Dr. Ragen and Dr. Zara.
Purina vet experts

29 thoughts on “Super Sweet and Sad Caturday Gratitude”

  1. I’m purring lots for you, and for Merlin, during this difficult time for both of you. I’ve competed at cat shows alongside British shorthair cats a number of times – they are very cool and collected! If you want to know anything about the Somali breed standard, I’m sharing a video today that another blogger took of me in the judging ring and the judge uses me to talk about some the good things about the breed’s physical characteristics.

  2. I am purring for Merlin. He will let you know when he is ready to start his tenth life, and he will surely stay connected to you in that one as he does in this, his present life.

  3. I haven’t been able to post here for awhile but I’ll try a little one here. I pray that Merlin is very clear in his decisions and know that he will always be around you. He is such a tough Siameezer I just love him. I’m praying for you both.

  4. Merlin is truly his own mancat and demands it to be so, one of the many reasons I adore him. Your message about following your inner guide cannot ring truer at this moment in our lives too. The past months have been a frenzy of one health issue after another for me, stress piling on thick due to the guilt I feel about having to put a hold on things I had lined up with others. Along with my own senior mancat in renal failure and our sisfur woofie being diagnosed last month with terminal cancer the pot has been boiling over.
    Her days are numbered and we have been doing what we can to make sure she is comfortable and waiting for her to let us know when she is ready for her journey. We were hoping for one final Catmas but only time and she will tell. I cringe at the thought of all the holiday gift buying and social obligations arriving faster than I am ready or wish for, so letting go and just doing what my inner guide says is enough is a HUGE challenge! I will do what I can and work on accepting that it is enough no matter the guilt I feel over outside or societal expectations or pressures. I am indeed grateful for the wisdom our cats show us everyday to make the time to relax and spend time with those you love. Without their comfort and healing purrs I would probably be reading Cat Wisdom 101 from the looney bin!
    Our thoughts are with you daily as each day is a gift with Merlin. This has been a difficult year with losing Radish, we hope the time you spend with your boy are filled with love and memorable joys. Your inner guide will be there to let you know what is best to do, just as Merlin’s inner guide will let him know when it is time to make his journey. Purrs of love to you all, Clove, Kaspars, and Mom

    1. Your thoughtful comments always brighten my day and it saddens me that the holiday season will be a mixed blessing for you. Merlin is sitting comfortably by my side and sends his special purrs your way and I send hugs.

    2. Angel Ms Phoebe’s Family,
      do not feel one ounce of guilt about the gift buying and social obligations of the holidays. Your babies are just that, your babies and they need you now more than ever.People have the capacity to understand the situation (more than you might think) but our babies don’t. Don’t you feel a bit guilty about not doing or buying something because you want to spend more time with them. You take care of yourself and your babies and if others cannot understand and accept that you are doing so then to me that begs the question of how important are these people to me or I to them?
      Be well and be at peace and cut yourself some slack!
      Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  5. Yes, there is so much in this world telling us to rush, rush, rush. How sad that there is so much pressure to not enjoy the journey and live in the present.

    Purrs, prayers and love for Merlin. And you.

  6. Praying for Merlin. Purrs for Merlin. Purrs for you.

    I think I’d probably not adopt a kitten next time, either. Last time was 2002, with the two boyz.

      1. Hugs back to you from both boyz and moi. Yes, time has flown by. I had Emma Peel for 20 years. I hope so with the boyz. They will be 14 on March 20th.

  7. Merlin knows his own mind and will choose his own time….breaking that bond has got to be tough but of course we all know Merlin WILL be back……no doubt about it! In the meantime, we agree with you about senior pets – they are so READY to be part of a forever family…..adopting a “non-kitten” can be so rewarding too – providing a new start to a cat who thought they had it all but lost it has to be the best gift for BOTH humans AND the lucky adoptees!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

  8. I pray Merlin has many more days/weeks/months with you. I love the ad for senior cats. I always feel especially bad for them because they had a home and most likely lost it due to death or their owner going to a nursing home.

  9. We send you guys Purrs and Prayers. We love you dear Merlin!
    Our world has turned into a 24/365 and it is insanity! There are good things that have come of it but there are many that aren’t so good. STRESS IS KILLER!!!!
    We do not have to be “ON” 24 hours a day. We do not have to behave in a certain fashion because some advertisement says we should. We can reclaim our personal time and space!
    Prayers go out to those in Paris. This is a prime example of the insanity in this world.
    Luvs to all
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  10. I remember the advert!! But didn’t know about the pub kitties!! So many people hate cats out there it is lovely to see them being embraced like that!!

    Sending mega purrs for Merlin and you Layla xx

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