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Caturday: Welcome to my bedroom, G+ Hangouts & News

Layla Morgan Wilde/ February 28, 2015/ Cat Saturday, Cats, Reviews & interviews/ 22 comments

What a wild and wooly week of posts, news and tons of kitty related consults. We’re always up for learning new things and finally did our first Google Hangout. It was a sneak peek for the Blogpaws panel presentation on bridging blogging and journalism with fellow blogger friends Deb Barnes, Janiss Garza and Alana Grelyak. Like all learning curves it

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Kitten Found 2,300 Miles from Home & Caturday Recap

Layla Morgan Wilde/ November 22, 2014/ Book Reviews/giveaways/ Q + A, Cat Astrology, Cat Saturday, Cats, Contests & Giveaways, Holistic cat care, Shelter Cats/ 12 comments

TOP Breaking Cat News How a microchip saved a kitten who mysteriously traveled 3,000 Miles. If you think indoor-only cats don’t need to be micro-chipped, this story from the Portland Press Herald may convince you. On Halloween, a kitten named Spice darted out the door in New Mexico only to be found 10 days later in Portland, Maine. Our Caturday Recap

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Caturday Quirky Cat News

Layla Morgan Wilde/ September 20, 2014/ Book Reviews/giveaways/ Q + A, Cat Saturday, Cats, Feline Fine Art, Layla Morgan Wilde, Reviews & interviews/ 23 comments

Welcome to the latest quirky cat news curated by Layla Morgan Wilde. The voice over actor to play Grumpy Cat in her Christmas Movie is selected When we first heard Grumpy Cat was going to star in her own movie, the million dollar question was who could possibly capture her essence in a human voice? The actor needed to be

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