Caturday December News & MeOWs

What a week! We completed a large project (not cat-related) that delayed the opening of our Etsy shop and our 2013 calendar. If you’d like to support at some of our friend’s shops the Nipfest Holiday Bazaar is today!

Our #1 priority is always is the well-being of family and includes the kitties.

Our vet Dr. G. who always has great advice paid us a visit on Tuesday. Since he has a fully equipped mobile clinic, we don’t need to place the cats in carriers but like using a Kitty Kuddly to travel the 20 feet door to door. Merlin is an easy patient (an enema and Sub-Q ) and woo hoo, Dr. G. is coming back in a couple weeks. We’ve never been more grateful for the convenience and reduction in feline stress with the increase in vet visits as Merlin continues to decline.

vet-goldstein-mobile-cat-sub q

Gris Gris is vet skittish and needs to be scooped up before V E T enters my mind. One thought and he’s Houdini. I wanted his leg checked out from a recent limp courtesy of Odin jumping on him. Gris Gris was not amused to have been “tricked”.  The leg was fine but a big wood tick on his neck had its lunch permanently interrupted.  We’d stopped tick prevention after the first frost but clearly some ticks are hardy. If you live in the North East you might want to give your cat on last tick check for the season.

Vet-dr.goldstein-gris gris-cat-exam

Gris Gris and Domino are still enjoying sunny days on the porch despite the dip in temperatures. Some days they only stay long enough to play artist’s muse.

Domino-Gris Gris-cats-art

Odin achieved several milestones. He finally conquered the very tall antique armoire in a single jump. Gris Gris prefers his warm TV cubby. It’s the only spot in the house verboten to any other cat.


Odin loves the limelight and was featured this week at and couple other places. I can’t keep track of that boy. With his outdoor activities curtailed, he’s needing more creative play challenges indoors. He’ll play with toys but prefers interactive games like “catch me if you can”.


Now if only he could bring home the bacon! What are your kitties up to this weekend? There’s a blog hop here


16 thoughts on “Caturday December News & MeOWs”

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  2. We’re in New England too and our vet told us that ticks can be active again if there’s a temporary thaw and the temperature rises above freezing. She recommended that we treat our cat year round. I’ve always stopped in December and resumed in March. What do you think?

    1. At this point after a hard frost, we’re going to wait until spring. It’s comes down to weighing risks. The meds, like any meds are not risk-free either.

  3. Glad Gris Gris’ leg is okay. Oh but look at his tail between his legs…I can see he is not happy at all! It is unusually warm today here in Georgia. We are enjoying the sunny days, too! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Odin mastered the antique armoire in one leap. Oh noes! And Gris Gris looks so cute. Merlin puts up with a lot! Domino on the porch. Lovely.

    Ched seems to be taking to the Hills Diet wet food, but I have to mix his favorite ‘shreds’ into the Hills’ pate.

    He is peeing and drinking and eating. He’s still sleepy (moi, aussi!) and he’s taking his meds.

    I spread the med on the baby food.

    He does seem slower, but I will keep a watch on him. The vet said his eyes may become dilated from the antispasmodic. That tells me it is a nerve and a muscle relaxant, since it can cause pupil dilation, it must relax nerves. Things going in the right direction.

    * Selene has an infection and can’t keep food down. Very very ill. Very worrisome. Things are going in the wrong direction a month after the ruptured appendix. She’s in hosp again.

  5. MOL Odin! I love your reaction to the toy! I used to have one like that and quickly reacted the way you did, to the dismay of my human who had just bought the toy.
    Nothing better than a good old box and, yes, a chasing game! Sometimes my human even plays the chasing game with me!
    Purrs and a great weekend to y’all

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