Caturday Cat Dads

News & Mews: has launched a new campaign: I am a Cat Parent. The campaign breaks down stereotypes about cats and the people who love them to help encourage more people to consider adopting a cat. More than ever men are embracing being cat lovers. Our hubby cat dad was featured with Odin. To view all the awesome cat dads, visit the photo gallery

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We’re thrilled to announce has invited me to write a monthly column for them about my experiences with cats as a holistic cat behaviorist. Stay tuned for my first article to be published this month.

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Many thanks for all the feedback on our new web design. You made it clear I needed to include my cats in the header and I have.

One of favorite cat dad’s Jackson Galaxy is back with Season 4 of My Cat From Hell. Be sure to watch Saturday April 6, at 8 PM on Animal Planet. Check out preview videos here I can’t believe it’s been two years since Jackson and I were filmed at my house for an episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

Jackson Galaxy-Daily Show -Odin-Layla Morgan Wilde

Meanwhile, Odin continues to love being in the public eye. He’ll competing in the AmazeCats Top Cat event this Monday.The rest of our kitty crew have no interest in fame or fortune. They are enjoying very unglamorous activities like rolling in the dirt. Merlin is doing remarkably well. This time last year, he was on death’s door and I honestly didn’t think he’s live another year. He’s my daily reality check for what matters most.

cats-scent-olfactory cells

Merlin loves his window sill cushion but is willing to share it with Domino and Gris Gris. Normally it’s only one cat at a time but last week we had a triple decker! There so many reasons to love cats. What’s a favorite reason this weekend?


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  2. It’s all going on in the Land of Layla!! I love your blog makeover, it’s very zen!! Please give me a kick on Tuesday to remember to vote and I will share also 🙂 xx

  3. Our favorite reason to love cats is simple…..because they are cats!
    Concatulations on all the wonderful things that are happening for you and your “boys”…it all sounds sooooooooooooo exciting.The more that gets out about everything cat the better! We love the changes that you made to the site………you know its funny but the eyes just don’t work as well after a certain age …MOL. Luvs and purrs of joy on a beautiful spring day ….luvs Skeeter and Izzy >^..^<

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