Not All Cats Who Wander Are Lost

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He still wanders about blind (literally but not metaphorically) on our property with me in tow. The other day, I was sitting on the grass watching him on a glorious Indian Summer day when an important call came in. It distracted me and I took my eyes off Merlin. When I glanced up again, he was gone. He marches to the beat of another drummer now and no longer responds to his name (no, he’s not deaf but he is stubborn).

Frantic, I comb the grounds. There are a million places to hide and a long driveway leads to a fairly busy road. Finally, I spot him in the distance by our driveway entrance. How on earth did get so far so fast? He’s still on his journey and some hidden destiny drives him as it does all of us. We may not know the road ahead but an inner faith propels us to our life purpose. Even when it’s dark or difficult. Even when we feel rudderless, broken and lost.

Seeing Merlin in the distance snapped on a light bulb moment. He wasn’t afraid and he wasn’t lost. My fear wasn’t his fear. He was moving forward and that’s the message. No matter what: if we keep moving forward, step by step we’ll get where we need to go. If one road is closed, try another, keep wandering on your own beautiful journey.

The gold is there and sometimes it’s shiny and glitter bright but sometimes it’s hidden deep within our roots. I’ve read this Tolkien poem from The Lord of The Rings many times but it was only when I wrote the words next to Merlin’s image, that the real meaning emerged. Your interpretation might be entirely different to suit your journey. Keep wandering. Stay as curious as a cat.

Thank-you for letting us share our journey with you thus far.

Peace, love and golden purrs,

Layla and Merlin

17 thoughts on “Not All Cats Who Wander Are Lost”

  1. Merlin’s wise observations and actions have inspired me more than once from reading posts featuring him, he is a truly amazing soul.

  2. Merlin my friend………..I’d follow you anywhere because I trust your instinct – some of us see with our eyes and some of us see in other more magical ways.

    Love, Sammy

  3. Merlin had his own agenda when he was out. He had no reason to fear… humans have a hard time learning that. I’m glad he is teaching you. What a lovely birthday week he has had – thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  4. I love this poem so much! The journey is sometimes blind for all of us. We know that our dear Merlin hears the call from somewhere that we cannot as yet but someday will. The circle of life has many parts, some good others not but it is yin and yang and it is all about balance as are all things. We love our dear boy and hope that he has many happy days left to share with us but if not then Godspeed to him to the only place where there truly is purrfection.
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  5. A beautiful poem to add to Merlin’s lovely image.

    I have a feeling Merlin knows exactly what he is doing and where he is headed, but in this case I am glad you were able to avert him from the main road.

  6. dood…..fess up…ewe were on de trail….ya smelled a rat …a durt tee rat…onlee ta dizcover….. it be a burd……


    a most happee week oh end…may it bee filled with ocean perch ♥

  7. I agree with @Berndette, I was glad you got him before he entered the busy road. I like the poem very much, it’s like every word would find the way to the right place inside of us when we read it :o)

  8. It’s a wonderful metaphor, though for our man it’s reality! Even though he was following his path I’m still glad you caught him before he walked out onto the road.

    This poem was a great comfort to me in my youth when I had no idea what I was doing. The wandering led me to a path eventually.

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