Cat Wisdom 101 Cat LOVE Month


Cat Love Month

Happy Groundhog Day! It’s Merlin here for another Monday’s With Merlin which I hope doesn’t feel like the film Groundhog Day. Sometimes it feels like we’re repeating things but maybe not. That’s what happens you’re about 100-years-old like me. A few years ago we used to blog about Cat Appreciation Month in February and then we stopped. There are so many pet holidays every month it’s hard to keep track BUT Valentine’s Day is coming and I thought why not celebrate the love of cats all month? So we are. Every post this month will be focused on CAT LOVE. We have some lovely topics and surprises including a fabulous giveaway tomorrow you’re going to love.

Your homework this month is to discover new ways you can show love to your cats or other cats in need. How are you feeling cat love today?

Odin, Domino and Nou Nou are becoming friends. Princess N is besotted with the boys especially Odin and  trails him like a lovesick puppy. He’s acting like the older brother with the pesky little sister.  He’s still a mama’s boy needing extra love to keep jealousy at bay. As always love and patience wins this game. Interactive play helps cats bond. The battery-operated mouse toy Frolicat Pounce was a great icebreaker.

Frolicat pounce cats playing-valentine

There are a few other pet holidays in February worth considering.

National Pet Dental Health Month

Spay/Neuter Awareness Month and World Spay Day is Feb. 26, 2015.

National Prevent a Litter Month

Responsible Pet Owners Month.

Feb. 14, 2015:  is Valentine’s Day but also Pet Theft Awareness Day.

Feb. 15-21, 2015: National Justice for Animals Week.

Feb. 20, 2015: Love Your Pet Day. 

58 thoughts on “Cat Wisdom 101 Cat LOVE Month”

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  22. doodz…way awesum ya get a long sew well with yur sister….we willna make any commintz bout R’z…….

    N heer she comes now….


  23. So wonderful that this transition has been peaceful.. luckily I have never really had huge introduction issues..male or female maybe I am just very lucky..what a great month for kitty appreciation..every day I wonder at how lucky I am to have my girls..a new toy here and there to keep them interested.. a snuggle with them in their catio is lovely..the water feature making sweets running water the flowers and the breeze of summer..and a chance to stop being a human for awhile and to just be cat…in the moment…I hope that shows them how much I care 🙂 loves Fozzimum xx

  24. Wow, so many things to celebrate and recognize in February. We are really pleased that Nou Nou, Odin and Domino are becoming friends! 🙂 So cute that she follows Odin around!

  25. It’s so adorable hearing that Nou Nou has a crush on Odin. Many years ago when we had an office cat, a semi-feral who was recovering from a spay had a similar crush, and it’s one of the most adorable things to watch… even if the gentleman cat is a bit perplexed by the crush!

  26. What a lot of holidays this month. TW couldn’t show her love to the Maple or Park cats cos of the freezing rain and snow but she did order my fave food online today. The way to this cat’s heart is through her stomach.

  27. Nou Nou has certainly changed the family dynamics and Odin has a fan! how sweet!

    Over the years I have definitely become much more attuned to Austin’s body language and his funny and very varied meows, squeaks and chirrups! Though I don’t always get it right, I think he feels I’m learning how to sense his moods!

  28. Happy Everything Cat Day and Month and Year!!!!!!
    We just knew that Nou Nou would fit in sooooooooooo well with the boys!!
    We will always be true to you dear Merlin.

    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo. >^..^<
    We will be showing more love when we start back with the TNR when the weather breaks more.

  29. How great Odin and Domino are making good friends with Nou Nou!
    I agree, interactive play helps kitties bond. Goro and Niko are not best friends but they gather and play together when I bring out food game box 🙂

  30. How grand that Odin, Dom and Nou Nou are bonding as friends……sometimes these things seem to take FOREVER but “slow and sure” works better than just dumping a “new” cat into a situation – you did it RIGHT for everyone’s sake. She’s such a pretty cat. Happy to see Merlin is the Valentine’s poster boy!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

    1. Merlin loves being any poster boy 🙂 Our kitty introductions were different from past ones. As a behaviorist, I bend rules to adapt to the individual cat and situation. There is no one size fits all when it comes to introductions.

  31. Aww, I’ve known you and your cats since you had Coco and Merlin in 06 and did you have Domino then, too? I don’t remember. It is a marvelous journey to see you on with your kitties. Love that you have a girl kitty again, too and that she and Odin are becoming friends.

    Oh, watched the kitten bowl yesterday! Fantastic!!! Really loved it! Tried the Puppy Bowl, but Kitten Bowl was so much better. Better even than the Patriots.

    1. OMG that’s right from our other blog. Domino had just arrived around then. Adding a female has created a different dynamic for sure. I watched some puppy bowl too but kitten bowl was better.

  32. So I’ve always thought respect and love go hand in hand. To try to practice that idea, I’ve begun trying to greet my cats in a more cat-like way before swooping in and petting them. It occurred to me one day that I would not appreciate someone stroking their hands up and down my entire body without invitation but I was stymied by how to ask permission of my cats. Verbal questions just didn’t work. Not long afterward I read something from Jackson Galaxy that pointed out that cats sometimes greet one another by touching noses and that we can mimic that behavior by offering a finger in place of a nose. Since then I’ve started offering my pointer finger to my cats while verbally asking permission to pet and/or cuddle. Sometimes they turn away which seems to be a very clear, “No, Not Now.” But, more often, they touch my finger with their nose and follow through by rubbing the side of their face or top of their head against my hand. That signals to me that my touch and attention are welcome. Sometimes it’s hard to be refused but the occasions when I’m welcomed make up for that. After all, I sometimes am forced to refuse when they try to initiate a petting or cuddle sessions. Remembering that makes being refused easier. Oddly enough, I feel like they more open and enthusiastic about our time together since I’ve begun to ask first. So, in short, I think I’m showing my cats how much I love them by remembering to treat them as complete, with thoughts, feelings and deserving of respect.

    1. Dorothy, thanks for your thoughtful response. Cats are finetuned to our emotions (as a new study proves) and showing respect as you’re doing is communicating in their language. We need more cat guardians like you! The rubbing of cats’ head against humans is called bunting and all of Jackson Galaxy’s advice has been documented by other books and behaviorists years before he become famous.

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