Meowloween Magic Cats and Prizes


Meowloween Magic Cats and Prizes on Halloween. Oooooh, ready? Let’s get to it right meow!

We’ve created all kinds of new Halloween or Meowloween card designs to be shared. Shared on Facebook, Pinterest etc. but not stolen please or Merlin will put a spell on you. He’s communing with ancestral spirits and will return next Monday for his usual brand of cat wisdom at Mondays With Merlin. Our blogging friend Nellie made us a special pumpkin for their ginormous pumpkin patch.


halloween-fortune teller-cat-humor

We have winners for our awesome giveaway prizes:

All winners will be contacted by email or on social media. If we can’t reach you within 48 hours, another winner will be selected. We can always be reached at Congratulations to all our winners, some of whom are cats, meWOW! Excuse me, all of them all cats. Welcome to our cat crazy world.

  1. The winner of a custom pet portrait from Kayla @PetPortraits.KE  are the cats from Mickey’s Musings. They are Canadian cat bloggers and have their Halloween post up. Go take a peek at their fun costumes. Kayla has a new Twitter page. Do Follow.

black cat luck

2) The winner of a customized art nouveau style print from Pania Brown  is Summer from SparkleCat. Follow Pania Brown on Instagram @Buzzington_ (also new Twitter account at @Buzzingtonbee


3) The winner of the art print by Yasaar Nakchbendi of is Panther of @Panther_the_black_cat


4) The winner of catnip toys from Bewitched Cat Toys Follow them on Instagram @bewitchedcattoys is a black cat named _Kittysunshine_


5) The winner of a one-hour consult of their choice with me, Layla is a tabby named @princessrascalbabywintermelon. I’ll assume it will be with their human.


Our Cat Costume Contest winner from our Black Cats Tell All Facebook page is Jacqueline Yeung and her black cat Seraph. Black cats get a bad rap for being hard to photograph and they sometimes are BUT it’s very easy to edit these days. We’re happy to announce a new treat for our BCTA tribe members: Weekly makeover contests. If you’d like one, follow us at Black Cats Tell All

cat makeover magic

Thank you to everyone who gave thoughtful comments and useful critiques about our book cover and publishing options. We’re mulling them over for a few days but feeling the love and clarity. Here are a few early revisions you might enjoy seeing (sorry, it’s a poor screenshot.) Ilsa over cover girl is looking adorbs but the plain, borderless edge is attractive suddenly. Oh dear. The other designs feature another kitten who is sweet but didn’t make the cut.


Ready for our new Halloween cards? Enjoy and may your Halloween be safe and sweet, sacred or spooky. Let us know if there are any you’d like to see for sale at our BCTA nonprofit shop (coming in November). These are only a few examples. You can see others from previous posts or some exclusively on our @CatWisdom101 instagram account. The text can be customized or removed.

magical cats Halloween







Can you tell we’re a little obsessed with Halloween? If you’d like to know more about the real holiday without tricks or treats, visit our other blog, Boomer Muse. It’s languished for the past month but the new post As Above, So Below Finding The Real Magic of Halloween is hopefully worth the wait.

30 thoughts on “Meowloween Magic Cats and Prizes”

  1. Hi Layla
    Great Halloween cards etc. Thanks for including me in your competition and the mentions have definitely led to some page likes…we are up to 194 which is amazing…
    Looking forward to being featured soon
    Pania (and Dexter) x

  2. Congrats to all the winners. We think we may have entered but maybe not with all Dad does with work his brain is soft
    Just right for Halloween
    Timmy and family

  3. Wow! So happy I won – my human LOVES art nouveau, and if you could see our vintage 1928 Bavarian-style house, you’d know it goes perfectly with it.

    Looking at the covers, my human favors the top, upper right hand version. She likes the way the S in Cats wraps around the kitty’s ear… but is wondering if there was a way to enlarge the Black text to make the top flush with the cat’s other ear, or maybe reduce the cat image a touch to make it flush with the text. She is very noodle-y with things like covers and graphics… she probably drives the designers she uses a bit crazy.

    1. I’m so glad. I know your house is vintage ’20s but didn’t know about Bavarian. And I can see we both are noodle-y :-). These were early revisions I’d rejected. The poor designer will not be happy if I start second-guessing myself.

  4. Wow, concats to the winners.

    This was a lot of work for the contestants and for you!

    Black cats rule!

    Happy Meowleen!

    Ched and Mao agree

  5. Happy Meowlloween! We love all of the artwork. 4C looks right to us.
    Concats to the Winners!!!
    Be safe kitties!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

    1. Happy Meowloween to you and the fur crew. It’s too late to make major changes. The examples were just to show a few of the revisions. I hope I’m not going to second-guess myself to death LOL

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