Cat Who is a Dog in Year of the Monkey Seeks Valentine

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mondays _with_merlin_cat
Cat Who is a Dog in the Year of the Monkey Seeks Valentine. Huh? It’s like this. I’m a cat but in Chinese Astrology I’m a dog because of the year I was born (1994). Yeah, I’m that old. To add insult to injury, of the 12 animals in the zodiac there is no cat! There are pigs, oxen, roosters and even dragons but no cats unless you count the tiger. Fine. Every year one animal is featured and 2016 is the year of the monkey. For dogs, it’s not a great year. Oh dear. Some years are better than others right but there is always something good. If you don’t know what animal you are, click to find your zodiac animal and find what the year of the monkey has in store for you.


We always begin our new year celebration on Asian time which was yesterday. The new year celebrations continue until the full moon on the 27th. If you missed our new year/feng shui post, you may enjoy our litter box tips and other tidbits. We weren’t kidding about the holiday becoming mainstream. All the schools in NYC are closed today for the Chinese New Year. I hope the year you brings all good things and a mountain of catnip. And tomorrow is Mardi Gras so let the party continue. I dragged out this old pic of me and bro Odin to show you how much has changed. He was still a kitten and I still had meat on my bones.

mardi gras_cat

This was taken last night. Odin is now plump and I’m scrawny but we still love each other.


It’s was blissfully quiet yesterday with the entire country glued to their televisions to watch the SuperBowl. It reminded me of another life in Ancient Rome when the Coliseum served up Super Bowl-type spectacles of a more primitive sort but the ethos remains the same. Crowds cheering, wagering on winners, exciting entertainment in a communal circle. Instead of gladiators, we have hulking football players. I caught bits and pieces but preferred Downton Abbey snuggled on Layla’s lap.

And it was warm enough to catch a few rays on the porch. Can you imagine, in February? The gods have been extra kind to me. Sadly, I can’t say the same for some of my cat friends who are exiting or ready to catch the next flight to the Rainbow Bridge in record numbers. 

One blogger made a lovely remembrance video of 70 cats from one our blogging communities who passed in the past year, including our dear ginger boy, Radish. That put Layla over the edge. She’d been thinking about him a lot while cleaning and decluttering. When he died in June she made temporary memorial altar in the bathroom but couldn’t bear to touch it until last week. It was removed and a new smaller one was created in her dressing room. You can’t rush these things and when it feels right to move forward you do. That means not listening to anyone who suggests otherwise.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t need any pomp or circumstance when I go since I’m not going anywhere.
I am not my tiny, ever-shrinking, fur-covered body.  All of us are more than a physical shell of a body, more than our species, gender, indentity of brother, sister, blogger, chief. We are more than our bank account, wardrobe, collection of books and possessions. Underneath all the trappings, We are LOVE. We are manifestations of the DIVINE. We are INFINITE. But we FORGET. Is it it any wonder why Valentine’s Day is such a huge holiday? We need reminders of that love. But rememeber when seeking love, to know if you can’t find it within, you’ll never find it out there.
On a lighter note, it may be the year of the monkey but let’s not monkey around. I’m seeking a Valentine and think Doctor Love is kinda cute. But will you be my Valentine?
Yours truly forever,


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