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Cat Expert Reviews Purrfect Pouch Plus Giveaway

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Cat Expert Reviews Purrfect Pouch Plus Giveaway by Layla Morgan Wilde


You may have seen it on TV and wondered if a Purrfect Pouch really is purrfect. I’ve reviewed hundreds of cat products over the years and will share my honest opinion.

The one thing I’ve learned about cats is that they rule. You can’t force a cat to do anything. At least not without being bitten or scratched. Many cats hate going to the vet because they hate carriers.

Now there is an alternative way to transport your cat to the vet, groomer or other short trip. The Purrfect Pouch is multi-purpose bag with unique features making it useful for comfortably restraining a cat for trimming claws, cleaning ears, pilling or dispensing meds.

Purrfect pouch

I would have loved a Purrfect Pouch to carry our old cat Merlin around the house in the final year of his life. As mobility decreased from kidney disease, he still wanted to get around but the stairs proved difficult.

He demanded attention 24/7 and I often carried him in a makeshift carry-bag to make him feel secure and near me but I’d be hands free.

Merlin is gone now and my remaining four cats have no issues getting into a carrier. Odin, our primary products tester reminded me of his #rule: Cats rule.

He was not in the mood to work.

Odin cat

Odin is a very active indoor outdoor cat and escape artist. He can escape out of almost any harness or carrier. He almost escaped from the Purrfect Pouch. Almost.

Purrfect pouch

He quickly taught me the most important thing you need to know about the Purrfect Pouch: Adjust the size of the neck opening for a snug but comfortable fit.

What you need to know about Purrfect Pouch.

  • The neck opening has an adjustable Velcro strip. The opening as is works for a large cat or one with a thick neck. Most cats will need to adjust the size. DO NOT leave the house until it fits.
  • If your cat can poke their front paw out, the opening is too big.
  • There is a small Velcro slit large enough for a paw and part of the leg to groom or trimming claws.
  • There is a zipper at the bottom extending the entire length. When open, it’s easy to slide the pouch over the head of the cat and through the collar.
  • For cats who love bags and boxes like Odin, you can hold it open and they they may walk right inside.
  • ***Once a cat is zipped in they can not escape. Do not leave your cat unsupervised.
  • Some cats will pee or poo in a carrier. If that’s happened with your cat, I recommend placing an a small towel or absorbent puppy pad prior to using.
  • Most cats love the snug security of the pouch but to reinforce a positive experience, give an appropriate treat if they are responding well inside and another treat once they are released.
  • The Purrfect Pouch is ideal for indoor only cats to safely enjoy fresh air in the garden or park.
  • Cats used to travel like adventure cats can use the Purrfect Pouch longer but always respect the comfort level and time limit of the cat.
  • There are some cats who hate containment of any kind. Never force a cat into this or any enclosed space. Those cats may need behavioral training to achieve a positive response.
  • If using the shoulder strap while carrying a heavy cat, support with one hand on the bottom.

What I love about Purrfect Pouch

  • Small, light and portable.
  • Packs flat for easy storage or travel.
  • You can keep one in your car or bag as an emergency a carrier. Great for cat rescue groups.
  • The handle doubles as a shoulder strap
  • The fabric is strong puncture-proof polyester
  • Water resistant
  • Sturdy construction that’s GUARANTEED
  • Easy to clean with a wet cloth or machine wash
  • Two colors: Teal green or black.


Our eldest cat Clyde wasn’t inclined to work either not even with bribes of catnip. But your cats don’t need to do anything to win. They just need you.

Enter our Purrfect Pouch Giveaway for a chance to win a double prize pack of TWO Purrfect Pouches right meow by simply leaving a comment. Tell us why you’d like to win a Purrfect Pouch.

If you’d rather buy one at a purrfect price visit PURRFECT POUCH

The Purrfect Pouch giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and on until 11:59, June 13, 2017. The winner will be selected randomly via randomizer.com and announced on June 14, 2017. The winner will be notified by email to request their shipping address. If there is no reply within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.

Speaking for all of us at Cat Wisdom 101, Odin apologizes for being lazy and wishes you good luck! These beauties are blooming in our garden now.

Purrfect day FTC disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We received Purrfect Pouch samples and financial compensation. At Cat Wisdom 101 we value our readers and only share content we believe is useful for cat lovers.


  • Vivian Johansen

    Zoey, Was adopted from a local shelter on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Mom was a wild feral cat. Newly adopted Zoey made it through Hurricane Irma and escaped on a 20ft. boat headed for Puerto Rico. Once in Puerto Rico she had to get all the shots and papers necessary to come into the United States. Since her arrival she has outgrown the soft sided carrier. She should keep traveling and telling her story of being an Island refugee! I think she would travel better in this pouch.

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  • Catherine Heckel

    I ordered two of these for trimming my 5 cats’ nails. Haven’t tried it for carrying but maybe my scaredy cat, Finn would like it. He’s due next month for a wellness exam. But if he doesn’t, we have the regular soft side carriers. They are really good for nail trimming and easier to confine the cat with these than using a towel to ‘burrito’ them.

  • Kimberly

    This would be perfect for calming my Lillia, she’s a senior CH kitty that finds comfort in secure places since she was a kitten. I could sit with her during storms or fireworks and calm her better and hopefully do her nails to avoid a stressful vet visit. I also have a kitty going blind in one eye who hates his meds and I hate pinning him down, I feel awful. If he was secure for me to administer the ointment without being squished on the ground it would be so much better. I live alone and don’t have anyone to call for assistance without bothering them so this could be an absolutely perfect assistant. Thank you for the review and chance!

  • Donna

    I have three kitties, Sophie, Ginger & Miss T (for trouble) who I rescued about 2 years ago. They are happy, well loved babies who bring love & sunshine to my life; but hate the hard carriers (especially Ginger) this sounds like something she would tolerate well.

  • Ali

    My kitty Malloy might really enjoy this – it’s actually been on my wishlist for quite some time! Malloy has escaped from his harness once before but he’s so active and curious I’d love to try some more outside time with him. This would be an easy way to transition him from the car to stroller as well, making it more accessible to bring him to local parks and even the vet. Awesome review!

  • Duane Collins

    I think this will be an easier way to trim my cats claws, also, my cats love to travel and sit on my lap but I have to use a bulky and heavy carrier. This would work out great, now I can have both on my lap…snug and secure.

  • Ruby

    I would love the purrfect pouch
    To groom my cat he doesn’t like to be brushed and having his nails clipped!
    He really doesn’t like his career so the purrfect pouch would be purrfect because he likes to get into bags!

  • Jo Singer

    We would LOVE to have this pouch, especially since our sweet, adorable mixed breed kitty, Edgar Allen Poe is not so sweet when it is time for a nail trim. He fusses, hisses and growls and is almost impossible to trim those long daggers. But he loves snuggling in tight little supportive places so this pouch may be an answer to our prayers.

  • Pipo/Minko/MrJackFreckles

    We are not sure if we like that pouch…but petcretary thinks Minko would do well in one…after some acclimatization. Maybe even Pipo!

    Minko is a whiz at escaping, gyrating and wriggling to get his own way…mostly not the same way that petcretary wants/needs, MOL!
    He does like to be held, a lot more than Pipo does. And he is pretty small too.

    We like the teal one, looks good with our blue eyes!

  • Kathryn

    It looks like the purrfect carrier. Our late Emma would have loved it.

    Ched’s a skit cat, so… he’s too skittish. And Mao… hmm.

    But I bet many kitties will love it.

  • Chirpy Cats

    I can’t enter but thanks for this great review as it got me thinking…. I might just get one for my elderly blind CKD cat. He is vocalising more now that I think he’s completely blind and he needs reassurance that we are there. If I could just carry him around with me while I’m doing chores this carrier could come in handy. My other cats don’t have problems getting into a carrier but I’d use it just for him. It would be great for his vet visits too.

  • Bil

    Thanks; it’s cute but a little too feminine for my taste. I have study canvas and also sturdy plastic carriers that do me well. My very first cat, Greystone, used to sit on my shoulder as I drove her to the vet. Ha! But it was more than a chore pulling her out from underneath the seat once we arrived. She is the one who taught me that carriers were a must; although during the ride back home she was very cooperative.

  • Scylla, Fenris, Tuiren, YinYang & Chimera (ATCAD)

    We would love a Purrfect Pouch and Yang might be more amendable to going to the vet in it. He loves it at the vets and adores all the attention he gets there (he is weird like that) but hates being in the carrier. He actually escaped from one of the carriers. Mommy thinks he might be OK in this as he would be near her, he likes being held. Like you with Merlin, Mommy thinks this would have been great for carrying Socks around the house when he was still alive. We also think it would be useful for dispensing medicine. Some of us don’t like to be still when it is time for the Revolution.

  • Cynthia Southern

    I would love to have one of these to trim Princess’ front claws. I like the black one. She always wants to run away when I trim her claws. This would keep her contained and content at the same time in my arms and over a table surface,

  • ellen

    I also love the concept. In all but the very old cats this might work. For the other cats well, they would behave like Odin. I know one would go bananas in this. It looks like a great solution for some cats. Not entering, just like visiting, good luck to all who do enter!

  • Jude Fera, Buddy, and Lucky

    This would work well for Buddy because he is one laid-back guy. But because he’s so laid back he doesn’t really need it. For his little sister Lucky – she so small, athletic, and super-quick I wouldn’t even take the chance – it’s into the carrier she goes! But this would have worked great for my rescue Siamese Tyler. He had been a stud cat in a kitten mill and was super-apprehensive about everything, especially going to the vet, so it would have been perfect for Ty. But he’s up in cat heaven now, probably looking down as I type this, and saying to himself “I guess I got outta Dodge just in time.”

    From a conceptual perspective I like this a lot. Having had cats ride around in the pouch or hood of my sweatshirt, it appears that they like a “container” that has some give to it and that shapes to their body. It’s one of those things that made me say, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

  • VickyC

    I think this would be perfect for my Inky and Toots. Neither is fond of the carriers and this might just do the trick.

  • Maggie

    We don’t let our cats outside anymore because of the abundance of ticks and predators. This might be a nice way to walk around the yard with them. Layla, I know you supervise your cats when they are in the garden, but what about fleas and ticks? Advice please!

  • Caren Gittleman

    This was a FABULOUS review. I love how you gave tips and shared the pros and cons. I am not entering because I truly don’t think Cody would be a fan of it…but….you almost had me entering when you mentioned it would be great for taking indoor cats out for a walk. I am just so paranoid, but your tips for making sure your cat doesn’t escape are superb! Good luck to all who enter!

  • Skeeter And Izzy

    We really like the concept of the Purrfect Pouch. We just hope anyone trying one for the first time follows directions to a T to prevent escapes.
    We would truly like to win a set fur sure! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels (>^..^^..^<~)

  • Eastside Cats

    Due to Chuck’s heart condition, he visits the vet much more than he’d like to! Carrying the big, boxy carrier is no fun, plus I have to take it apart for the vet to work on him. Funny that I haven’t seen this ad on TV, but we could use these; one for Chuck, the other for Angel.

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