From Shelter Cat to Spokescat: Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

From Shelter Cat to Spokescat: Adopt A Shelter Cat Month by Clyde


Can we start by saying Hello Monday and why can’t it be Caturday every day? Have you ever had one of those weeks when everything goes wrong? We were without a computer for a couple days and Layla, who detests editing or writing anything beyond two words on a phone, fumed. I’d wanted to blog about all kinds of fun news, but alas, must rely on imperfect humans. It was one thing after after including Odin escaping. If you’re not reading this on cell, you’ll be able to view thumbnails in our sidebar of our adventures on Instagram.


And here I am being an advocate for adoption but might I add, responsible adoption. Can you believe it’s been six months since I found a new home? Not bad for an old boy of 17, eh? I’m doing pretty good and we celebrate every day my blood sugar is normal and don’t need insulin!

adopt a shelter cat month

Do whatever you can to help and you can always do something to help shelter cats. Read our tips on how to choose the best cat for you. Adopt a Shelter Cat Month is in June but cat ownership is a serious, long term commitment. Cats can get sick, get lost and cause untold worry, but it’s worth it. Back to Odin.

Yes, Odin my idiot adventure cat brofur escaped through an open window in the kitchen after midnight.  You may ask why was the window open without a screen? Because Layla, who wasn’t wearing glasses, opened it at dinner time assuming the screen was in place but it wasn’t. Never assume anything. Cats don’t. It’s why a human could enter the same room every day, but we will look at him and give him the once over. Do I know you? Oh yeah, it’s you, okay then.

Anyway, no one noticed anything amiss until the usual “have you seen Odin, Nou Nou or Domino” exchange if the folks haven’t seen a cat in say, 10 minutes. They never mention my name because I’m reliably in one of two locations.

Odin had already been in and out ALL day as per usual. He’d been seen napping in the dining room after dinner. All hell broke out when the open window was spotted and Odin was nowhere to be seen. Dad blamed Layla and went to bed past midnight. That left Layla, with flashlight in hand wearing slippers and a sarong wandering through the jungle-like property trying not the yell, “Odin!” too loudly. Although our neighbors already know she’s a crazy cat lady. We’re in a heatwave, Layla is sweaty and freaked out about spiders and ticks or spraining her ankle in a gopher hole. It would not be the first time. The trees and bushes look ominous in the dark and Odin who is trained to come when called, doesn’t.

Layla decides to go back inside and work. He may have been out of earshot and figured he’ll tire and return on his own.

An hour later, she heads back out in another direction near our long driveway, shining arcs of light and calling the bugger’s name. This time he runs towards her, she scoops him up and is rewarded by the itch of poison ivy and a tick on Odin’s chin. The moral of the story: wear your glasses if you need them. It’s summery weather and please check that all windows are secure. Never assume.

On a more frivolous note: Have you entered our giveaways? They end soon and it’s as easy as leaving a comment at the post. It can be as short as one word but do it right meow. We apologize for issues with using the share button to Facebook. If that happened, please let us know.

1) You could win a copy of the hot #1 book ADVENTURE CATS (Maybe Odin needs to read it).  Shhh, we’re adding another prize but only if you’ve read this will you know.

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And because I am a purrveyor of wisdom, here you go, my dears. You can’t teach an old old dog new tricks but you can stay young by playing. I didn’t like playing with toys after I left the shelter, but I do now. Keep playing with your cats with toys and with anything silly if it amuses you.

I wish you adventures and no misadventures this week,

Love Clyde and company


27 thoughts on “From Shelter Cat to Spokescat: Adopt A Shelter Cat Month”

  1. Yikes. Those don’t sound like the fun kinds of adventures at all! We are glad Odin is okay (and back, safe and sound). Clyde, dear friend, we are pleased you’re doing so well. You’re a natural born spokescat!

  2. Clyde, you rock. Odin, too. All the kitties rock. I am so grateful to you, Layla, for this most wonderful kitty blog. Cheddar and Mao, also grateful. Have a happy, meow-y day.

  3. I’m so glad to hear Odin was found. There are times when I was still working and was so stressed that I didn’t pay attention to things around the house. I’m so glad nothing happened to the girls during that time because I was so unaware.

  4. Whew, we are glad Odin didn’t wander for too long! I hope you catch up on your sleep, Layla. Plenty of role models for napping at your house!

    1. Thanks Maggie, he never wanders far or long but I still worry. They say there are no insomniac cats but I’m not so sure. Odin sleeps half as much as a normal cat. I’m actually not an insomniac but have DPSD.

  5. There are adventures – and there are misadventures! It sounds like this weekend was way too much of the latter! I hope the upcoming week is MUCH better.

  6. We are so glad that Odin the adventurer is none the worse for wear! From one midnight searching, flashlight carrying, trying not to yell crazy cat lady to another, we feel your pain! MOL!
    Clyde you look so beautiful er handsome these days!
    We always purr and pray for all those in need of love, home ,care etc. We know there are so many in need. We hope that one day that will no longer be the case!!!!
    Luvs to All!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo & the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  7. We agree with you about adopting shelter cats. Adopting shelter cats saves lives. We are so happy that you found Odin. That must have been a scary situation!

  8. Glad wayward Odin is back! Ozzy our oldest is going shall we say senile and he has gotten out now and again. Bak in his heyday he was a large cat and still is but he is rather afraid of the outdoors. He acts all tough batting at the kitties who peep into the windows but he gets outside and loses it and wants right back in.
    I shared in a couple places, I hope all of those needing homes find them there are so many out there. I am convinced humans are stupid. I am close to catching the neighbors cat who remains un neutered and taking him in when a reduced cost clinic comes up. They also got ANOTHER kitten, I am hoping it isnt a female. Then the lady was talking about wanting a puppy…….. geez they are renters to boot and I know they will end up in the colony when they tire of them.

  9. Odin apparently had quite the adventure! When Chuck decided to go walk-about years ago and we couldn’t find him, there was some raw panic that gripped me for awhile. After doing a lot of walking, I sat down to search the interwebs, and found a lot of great information! Realizing that I’d been looking too far away from the house, I sat in the driveway for a while, and voila! Chucky came running home.

    1. Cats not used to being outdoors tend not to travel far. Odin’s territory is about 5 acres and I don’t worry about his safty during the day but at night there could be raccoons, skunks or possums to tussle with.

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