Cat Comments on Connection Versus Communication

Today on Monday’s with Merlin, I’d like to show how cats have been the butt of communication humor “then”…


and “Now”…

connection-communication-cell phone-cat-humor-quote-catnip

Technology might change but communication isn’t always about connection and connection isn’t always about communication. I hate telelphones. They keep me from connecting with my mom, Layla. Just the other day, I’m patiently waiting for my mom to sit with me or should I say, sit on her when the phone rings by her desk. So she’s yakking away, I know I know, it’s how she makes her living but still…blah blah blah and I let her know enough already and communicated Siamese style. It’s a very clear and direct method that works well for me. The person she’s talking to says, “Do you have a baby?”

“Oh, that’s Merlin, my cat.”

Can you imagine? The nerve of both of them. Yes, I sound like a human baby but so what? I am her baby. Sheesh, humans have so much to learn about communication. Goodness knows I try. ย And about that Peking duck, make mine a double.

What’s your cat’s best method of communication?

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