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Our Cat Holiday Cards Plus Bonus Save Your Ass Wisdom

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Has the holiday rush left you in a revolving door of fur flying madness?


May we suggest stopping right now and take a deep breath. Guess what? That big list can get whittled down. Things can be removed or simply not done. That’s right, NOT DONE. Do you know the look when cats raise an eyebrow of disinterest? It’s because we don’t care. All the stuff you’re worried and fussing about doesn’t matter. Listen up people pleasers. Honestly, do you think next summer your spouse, brother, niece, neighbor, co-worker or friend will remember how long you slaved over the stove, how imperfectly wrapped your gift was or anything else your obsessing over now?

Exactly, so enjoy our very own cat holiday cards plus bonus “save your ass” wisdom. It sucked not getting half our projects ready for the holidays but c’est la vie. Being spread thinner than parchment ain’t pretty and no way to begin the new year.

Just stop or at least pause. Take your of your own dear self. When in doubt we ask: What would Merlin do? Take a cue from our Angels Merlin and Gris Gris deep from our archives. Wise then, wise now and so ahead of its time, no?


Relax and take a look at our cards Layla made this year. Some of them were made for snail mail deliveries but if you didn’t get one, it doesn’t mean we love you less. We only got to half the people on our list, if that. Other things got in the way like a broken website from messing with PHP code. Layla wanted a new theme but not quite so soon or this way. Our fresh new look is far from complete but at least it’s functioning. Somewhat finished is better than perfect, right? Comments welcome.

Grab the card you like best with our love and best wishes for a safe and sane holiday season.

Normally we love vintage Victorian style cards but this was the only one we designed this year.


This is a variation on a number of vintage style cards Layla designed but didn’t get printed or sent. The blue wasn’t quite right but us cats approve except for Odin. He says, “If there if a bird in a tree, excuse me but I’m going to get it and peace will not be on my mind.” Guess who just landed on Santa’s naughty list?



We made a few variations for our black cat friends and our social media headers. This is our Pinterest version. Other fun ones are slated for our Instagram stories and maybe Fb or maybe not. Poke around. We love getting private messages on fb.


Every card is kissed by Clyde. That’s me, your favorite feline editor!


Another nugget of wisdom from the vault edited for the coming year. Odin isn’t kittenish anymore but damn, he can still climb better than any cat I’ve seen says Domino (who has zero tree-climbing cred).

Seriously, hang in there, it will all be over in under two weeks.

odin_hang on_catwisdom101

And that’s a wrap for now. Stay tuned for two weird and wacky posts between now and Christmas that won’t tax the brain and may make you smile or more.



P.S. Domino, Odin and Nou Nou send their furry best purrs and that lavender-headed hoomom would like a new life for Christmas.

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