Three Cat Books Purrfect For Summer Gifts

Summer is the other holiday season for gift giving. There are graduations, weddings, BBQs and time spent with friends. Many visit friends and family for weekends or longer stays. Those lucky enough to be invited a beach house or other vacation home, need to bring a hostess gift. Cat sitters (casual or professional) would appreciate a thoughtful gift. If cat lovers are on your gift list, I’ve selected three very different but delightful choices. This summer: learn, laugh and be wowed by cats.

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Summer cat book reviews
Merlin gives his 4-Paw Rating for all three books.


Cat High: The Yearbook by Terry deRoy Gruber is a hysterically funny high school yearbook parody with cats with the same, size, look and feel of a real yearbook. Originally published in 1984 and recently reprinted with a new cover by Chronicle Books, it paved the way for our current cultural cat mania. Gruber and his team needed to think out of the box to craft the kitty pics in the era before PhotoShop. With ingenuity they enlisted mostly show cats as models and hand-crafted costumes and props. The attention to detail on every page with handwritten notations and sly references are to be pored over and smiled over again and again.


The Original Cat Fancy Cat Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Cat by Sandy Robins with Arnold Plotnick DVM, Lorraine Shelton and Sarah Hartwell is 543 pages of updated, practical information about cats every cat lover will enjoy. Heavily illustrated with photos, charts and diagrams, there’s a little bit about everything “cat”. Published by i5Publishing (softcover) 2014.

Feline Eye Candy

Cats & Lions by renowned wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago is a visually stunning collection of photographs juxtaposing our domestic cat companions with their wild cousins. Each nuanced pairing of images from every day life reveals just how much our cats are little lions. Published by Chronicle Books (hard cover) 2015.

Summer cat book gifts

FTC disclaimer: We don’t accept payment for book reviews but did receive copies of review books which did not influence of views.

18 thoughts on “Three Cat Books Purrfect For Summer Gifts”

  1. I bet all 3 books are perfect reads for summer… I specially love the Cat Yearbook what a fabulous idea… maybe that’s what Al Stewart meant with his song The Year of the Cat?

  2. WOW WOW WOW!!! Three more fabulous books to read and share!!! We think we are in heaven fur sure!!!! Books are one of the greatest gifts ever.!!
    Luvs to all!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^@@^< (reading glasses for all MOL)

  3. Cat books are the very best! We all know cats simply love to read. Well, we love to read about cats. Amazing about Cat High, published in 1984. I remember going to bookstores and finding a couple of books about cats… factual books, etc. but not the wonderful choices we have now. Thanks so much for this great list.

    1. I really do believe cats are baby lions. They dominate their world, the world of small animals, rodents, birds and bunnies. We are lucky we’re not tiny.

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