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Friday FlashBack: Feline Love and Poison Ivy

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Our Friday Flashback from last year with Domino demonstrating his “seeing-eye cat” moves, making sure blind Merlin is comfortable and safe. It’s a favorite sundown watching/feeling/be-ing spot and ironically a few feet away from where we buried Radish. It’s a happy place despite the sadness right now.

Last year Merlin used up #8 of his nine lives but bounced back. I’m convinced that the power of love and support from his fur brothers helped. Recently Merlin dodged his maker yet again and I’m happy to announce he is 99.9% back to normal. However, Domino vomited and had a bout of diarrhea this week. Nothing major but it gave us a brief scare. Domino is always there for Merlin but when he was feeling poorly Merlin returned the favor and comforted his friend.

With so many of our cat and human friends dealing with life’s struggles and loss these days I’m grateful for supportive friends. Merlin and Domino have this to say about friendship.

While Odin snuggled on my lap last night I noticed how mature he looked and realized he’s been with us five years! How quickly the last five years have flown by. Like all moms, I wonder how did my little boy grow up so fast. He still loves his garden adventures and we still have poison ivy. It doesn’t bother him but one swipe of his tail on the plant and then a brush on my skin spells instant itch. Thankfully Teknu and Calagel work well. There are variations of poison ivy. Odin, seen here at about 9 months old in early spring beside a young poison ivy plant. Poison ivy leaves darken as they grow but as always look for “leaves of three” and leave them be. Learn more about our poison ivy tips

cat odin poison ivy

Have a safe weekend!


  • ellen

    Domino is a true friend and seems so empathetic. Merlin I am glad to hear is out of the woods and his old self.
    Cats do know much more than we giive them credit for…. when one is ill here there are no spats or disagreements
    Ozzie turned 16 this year, and being the old man, his best buddy Spyder and he lay on the porch spoaking up the sun seemingly to save it for a gloomy day. Angus the youngest headbutts Ozzie now rather than chase him and Keesta the resident ‘princess’ siamese now churrs when he saunters by. Mini ignores him, but that is better than the 50 swats he used to get for looking her way!
    Hoping all there continue feeling well and purrs your way.

  • Elaine Hutzelman

    Please be thinking of us down here in Texas. You probably heard on the news that a female vet shot a cat in the head with a bow and arrow and posted it, bragging on Facebook. She lost her job at the clinic where she worked, but the DA couldn’t seem to find enough evidence, with a self admission picture on Facebook to give to the jury, so they no billed her. He obviously had his mind made up as to what he would present. AMA, Animal Legal Defense Team, VIN ( blog for vets), Alley Cat Allies. are all aware. We want to spread the info. far and wide so we can get justice for this poor victim. The cat was “owned”-not feral or rabid as inferred. If you would like to help, please go to [email protected] and fill out a complaint form. Take a look at any of several Facebook sites called ‘”Justice for Tiger” so you can read the comments, etc. We want her to lose her license to practice and this is the only govt. body that can revoke it. They have heard from every state and 27 foreign countries and are in the investigation phase.

    Layla-I hope you don’t mind that I used your site to circulate this, but we need as many cat lovers as we can get, and I thought this was a good place to reach you. The vet’s name is Kristen Lindsey, from Brenham, TX an hour from Houston, and her license number is 12622. Thanks so much and I, too, am so thankful that Merlin seems to be recovering so well.Thanks so much, Elaine

  • Skeeter And Izzy

    Cats will never cease to suprise and amaze us. We love them all.
    We are super glad to here that Merlin the Magician is feeling better and hope that dear sweet Domino only had an upset tummy from something he ate out doors like a bug. We send more love,prayers and purrs to you all and to all that are in crisis of any kind. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Bless each and every one.

    Luvs to all,
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo >^..^<

  • Sammy

    Glad to hear my friend Merlin is hanging in there……sorry though that Dom is a bit poorly. Hopefully all the gang will be feeling better soon – with all the POTP all of us send your way it MUST work a bit of magic!

    Love, Sammy (and Mom)

  • Angel Ms. Phoebe's Mum & Fur sibs

    Although my two are not friends, not that poor Clove wouldn’t love to have her brother be her buddy and has not given up trying, I have noticed moments of concern she has for him since he was diagnosed being in the early stages of kidney disease a few months ago. My former feral boy of fourteen has aged in appearance and behavior, where I have found myself wondering where the past 12 years have gone since he first showed up hiding in the bushes of our yard, crying loudly for food. His emaciated, terrified appearance took many years of patience to earn his trust and he still has some skittishness and must give permission before you are allowed to pet him. The past three of his senior years have mellowed and slowed him down a bit, where he seeks out cuddles more often, allowing belly rubs and sticks close to home in the backyard most of the day versus sneaking off to snoop around the neighbors yards. I am relieved he is a home boy now, yet he will never be able to be an indoor only cat I know, he is too in love and at home with the outdoors spending virtually all day outdoors (he is kept locked in at night despite his frequent complaints and escape attempts. It is a must for my piece of mind and the fact the nutso has been known to jump dogs and chase raccoons!).
    We are so happy Merlin our Zen master is still with us and that sweet Domino is feeling better. I had no idea cats were not affected by poison ivy except to transfer it to humans- thank Bastet we do not have any near our home! *itches arm at thought*

  • easy rider

    It’s great to have a friend and a helping paw… think “lean on me” could be Domino’s song :o) We have no poison ivy here and I can only imagine what a sneaky plant that can be …

  • Kathryn

    Aww, we’re all rooting for continued good wishes for Merlin, and so glad Domino is looking out for Merlin. Amazing how cats know things.

    Do you think Odin would react to poison ivy if his pads or other skin touched it? Apparently, I’m not reactive, having run in poison ivy without realizing it.

    Hard to believe how fast those five Odin years have passed.

    If I had a big place, I’d definitely get more cats.

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