Vet 101: DIY Cat Check-Up Video

Vet 101: DIY Cat Check-Up Video

Since cats are masters of hiding illness, it’s up to pet parents to know what to look for. Early prevention not only may save a life but will save money.

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Our mobile vet Dr. Rich Goldstein and I put together this 5 minute video for an easy 5 minute check-up. If it’s your first time or have a skittish kitty, break it up into smaller chunks. Never force a cat to do something they don’t like and reward them with a treat afterward. This exam is designed to be done about once a month but take every opportunity while playing,petting, feeding or grooming your cat to spot something amiss. Early prevention is worth a pound ($$$) of cure.


18 thoughts on “Vet 101: DIY Cat Check-Up Video”

  1. Dr G is one of those vets that has the “magic touch” and probably seldom has problems with his patients. We luv him!
    Thanks Layla for reposting such a great video and reminder! Luvs Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang >^..^<

  2. THANX doods for this vide oh…veree help full…we appreciates the post N sharin de info !!

  3. That was so informative. Thank you so much. I try to check my kitties but; not as well as that video showed. Gives good pointers to do much better.

  4. Fantastic exam! I will try this with our two boyz, and another set of hands. We need to get a scale, because our boyz are about 17 pounds each. Or 15 and 17. Just too many cars to let them outside. And the backyard isn’t enclosed. The kitties in the neighborhood that are outside cats are much thinner — and younger.

  5. This is so great. Everything about it — so much info packed into such a short time, it really bears re-viewing. And then there’s the hands, the touch — and the feeling. So so excellent. Knowing, educated, sensitive — I want to BE Dr. Gee.

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