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Black Cat Mom Mother’s Day Art & Poetry

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Black Cat Mom Mother’s Day Art & Poetry by Layla Morgan Wilde

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I have two special posts this week to celebrate. Today, we shine the light on black cats and those who adore them in words and images. Settle back and enjoy the Black Cat Mom Mother’s Day Art & Poetry extravaganza!

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Borrow your favorite message or poem to send to a friend. I’ve compiled with the help of AI, re-written and edited to suit all tastes and styles.

In the spirit of magic and enchantment, here are some Mother’s Day poems for black cat moms.

black cat mom mothers day

For a witchy or magical friend.


For the black cat mom with a touch of sass,

Your kitty’s sleek black fur, a reflection of your badass,

On this Mother’s Day, may mischief be your guide,

As you navigate the dark side, with your fur baby by your side.


black cat mom mothers day

To the black cat mom, a mystical queen,

With your feline companion, a magical scene.

On this day of celebration, let spells be spun,

As you and your black cat dance beneath the moonlit sun.


black cat mom mothers day


In the realm of shadows, where mystery abounds,

A black cat mom’s love, a magic spell that astounds.

On Mother’s Day, may your bond ignite the stars,

As you weave enchantment with purrs and velvet paws.


black cat mom mothers day

To the black cat mom, a sorceress so fair,

Your love and presence, a spell beyond compare.

On this special day, let magic fill the air,

As you and your black cat share a love beyond compare.


In the depths of the night, shadows in flight,

A black cat mom’s love, a magical light.

On Mother’s Day’s eve,

They weave dreams and believe,

In the enchantment of love, shining bright.

black cat mom mothers day


When I collected the dozens of black cat stories for my book, Black Cats Tell All: True Tales and Inspiring Images, I was amazed how diverse black cat moms are. They can’t be pigeon-holed on any level. They are of every age, nationality, religion, ethnicity, but the one thing they share is their love and devotion to black cats.

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black cat mom mother's day yoga

Do you know a mother of magical cats?


Here are some more Mother’s Day poems for black cat moms.


In a world of darkness, she shines,

A black cat mom with love that aligns.

On Mother’s Day’s grace,

Her beauty we embrace,

A magical bond that forever entwines.


black cat mom mothers day


To the black cat mom, so full of grace,

Your love for your house panther, none can erase.

On this Mother’s Day, we honor your devotion,

A bond that brings joy and heartfelt emotion.


black cat mom mother's day


In your arms, a house panther lies,

A love that sparkles, never dies.

On this special day, we celebrate your love,

As a black cat mom, you shine above.


To the mom whose heart is filled with delight,

By her house panther’s presence, day and night.

On Mother’s Day, we raise a cheer,

For the love you share, so pure and dear.


In your eyes, a house panther’s magic gleams

A bond beyond words, beyond dreams.

On this day of celebration and reflection,

We honor your love and deep connection.


To the black cat mom, so gentle and kind,

Your house panther companion, one of a kind.

On Mother’s Day, we send our warm embrace,

For the love you share, a beautiful grace.


black cat mom mothers day
An edited vintage Mother’s Day card


And if you like longer poems, here are two.


1. Ode to Black Cats

In the realm of shadows, where darkness resides,

A black cat emerges, with grace it glides.

With eyes like amber, reflecting moon’s glow,

A creature of beauty, love’s seeds it sows.

Oh, black cat, enchanting and sleek,

In your presence, hearts find solace and seek.

Your fur, so velvety, midnight’s embrace,

A symbol of elegance, embodying grace.

Through whispered purrs and gentle touch,

Black cat’s love is never too much. A companion loyal, a friend so true,

In your presence, love blossoms anew.

In every whisker and every meow,

A language of love only we felines allow.

Black cat’s affection, a gift to behold,

A love that’s priceless, more precious than gold.

So let us celebrate the black cat’s charm,

With open hearts, free from any harm.

For in their presence, love’s magic ignites,

A bond unbreakable, shining through nights.

In this ode to black cats, love takes flight,

A tribute to their beauty, so dark and bright.

May their love forever be cherished and embraced,

For black cats bring joy, leaving hearts forever graced.


black cat mom mothers day


2. For A Black Cat Mom


In the realm of feline grace,

A love story finds its place.

For women who adore black cats,

This poem is meant to embrace.

With hearts so pure and spirits strong,

In your love for black cats, you belong.

Through gentle strokes and soothing words,

A bond so deep, it can’t go wrong.

In their presence, you find solace sweet,

Black cats and you, a love complete.

Your compassion, a guiding light,

Together, you create a love that’s replete.

Oh, women who adore black cats so,

Your love for them, it freely flows.

In their eyes, you find a reflection,

A connection that forever grows.

So celebrate the love you share,

With black cats, your hearts laid bare.

For women who love these mystical beings,

This poem is a reminder, always to care.

May your bond with black cats forever thrive,

As you cherish the love that makes you feel alive.

To women who adore black cats, this is for you,

A testament to the love that is bound to survive.

















Embrace the magic and wonder of the bond between black cat moms and your beloved house panthers on this special Mother’s Day. Let the love and devotion shared between you shine brightly and fill your hearts with joy. Celebrate the unique connection that brings so much happiness into your lives.

May your Mother’s Day be filled with enchantment, love, and a touch of magic.


cat mom day















Our dear Odin sends his best wishes too. We believe black cat moms are the cat’s pajamas.


From the depths of my feline heart so true,

Odin the cat sends love to cat moms like you.

To the cat moms who provide a warm embrace,

You make our world a cozy and safe space.

On Mother’s Day, we knead and cuddle tight,

To show our love, morning, noon, and night.


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