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Mother’s Day For Cat Moms

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

When I was 18, my boyfriend gave me a Mother’s Day card because I was a new cat mama. I’ve never looked back or questioned my role as a mom.

If you are a woman devoted to caring for cats you are whatever you want to call yourself: cat mom, cat mama, foster cat mom, mother of cats, cat meowmy, go for it. Celebrate it. I’ve always said you don’t have to gestate for nine months to be a mom.

This year, I’m sharing my favorite cat mom cards I’ve created over the years and a few of my favorite cat mom items from my shop. Obviously, it’s too late to buy any to give for this Mother’s Day but cat moms’ deserve to be celebrated every day, right?

But first, my cat mom card from me to you. This is a recent photo of me with Nou Nou. She’s turned into a Velcro cat and Odin was outside the shot so hello, Photoshop.

There are dozens of designs in a rainbow of colors and sizes. Not just t-shirts or hoodies but mugs, pillows, stickers and more, all designed by me. And Father’s Day is around the corner. There are quite a few items for cat dads and new ones being added next week. Order soon for guaranteed delivery in time. And the discount code that supports animal rescue in Ukraine is Purr4peace.

Being a cat mom means taking responsibility to nurture the next generation of cat moms. The moon cat design is also available as wall art+

I believe once a cat mom, always a cat mom or a fur ever cat momma. Wear this hoodie with purrrride. Fur Ever Cat Momma Hoodie


Meow Magic Shop

This oldie features Domino. He would have been 19 this week and we still feel his presence keenly. Domino, a former feral turned lap cat was nonchalant about celebrating anything. Birthdays? Blah. Mother’s Day? Fugettaboutdid!

In the U.K. cat moms are called mum. But whether you prefer tea or coffee, you are purrefct.

cat mom day

There as many cat moms as there are cats. Some like modern styles, quirky or funny. While other cat moms prefer vintage, traditional or even antique designs. I’ve always created a mix for every taste ( hope).

cat moms

I’m partial to the cuteness of kittens for obvious reasons. How about you?

I’d like to send a shout out to anyone involved in cat rescue. Whether you are volunteering at a shelter, doing hand-on TNR or fostering cats, thank you! An extra special thank you goes to anyone fostering neo-natal kittens. It’s the most precious life-saving gift especially during kitten season which is now.


Most cat lovers believe all cats are purrfect but what about cat moms? I believe some are more purrfect than others. This old-fashioned card is for someone a purrfect (probably loves black cats too!).


This funny vintage feline always cracks me up.

I’m notorious for signing birthday cards with best fishes, so why not Mother’s Day too?

black cat mom day

And because life isn’t purrfect and never will be, I’ve learned to purr more and hiss less. As always, my cats are my teachers like Nou Nou here. Of course she didn’t want to sit pretty and pose. That is her right and prerogative. She’s purring right beside me so I guess I’m an okay cat mom. At least today.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and Purrs,
Layla, Odin and Nou Nou


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