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Mew Year’s Day Tarot 2017 Predictions #psychiccatClyde

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)


Our first post of 2016 was a preview of a tumultuous year. New Year’s Eve emergency kitty care last year and this year. It is Mew Year’s Day for cats and we are celebrating with some tarot and predictions with #psychicCatClyde.

We wish all of you a happy Mew Year and blue skies in 2017!

We’d appreciate some purrs or Nou Nou. She is having major dental surgery and exploratory eye surgery tomorrow.

We’ve gone from bloody pee with Merlin to getting me ears pricked bloody for diabetes testing and insulin shots. Oh joy! Och, it’s me Clyde still rrrrrreverberrrrating from a rousing chorus of Auld Lang Syne from New Year’s eve. Yes, let’s not ever forget our dear old acquaintances and treasured pals. We lost so many in the past year in annus horribilis but we are hopeful if I’m to believe my mum, Layla.

She was not in good spirits or form but dragged herself to a tarot event she created, Future is Meow at KonekoNYC, the Japanese inspired cat cafe in New York.

The good news began by learning Beer, a black cat up for adoption months ago was adopted. Ticket sales for the fundraiser for Anjellicle Cat Rescue were slow and Layla couldn’t believe favors to share on social and didn’t pan out but some did. No matter, the Universe does what she wants and Layla ended up with a packed house doing three separate group talks about cats and esoterica,and 15 private tarot/numerology readings with some amazing cat lovers. And our Black Cats Tell All calendar is almost sold out! There are only a couple dozen left, so act fast. Shop at Black Cats Tell All

The takeaway from the evening is what I’m rrrrretiterrrrating here. 2017 is the first year of a nine year cycle in numerology and that means a fresh start, new beginnings for all. Everyone has an individual yearly cycle which may be different but all of us have the opportunity to leave any crappy baggage of 2016 to the curb and manifest something better.

Ready for Tarot 2017 Predictions with #psychiccatClyde. I thought since I’m a black cat I’d try out the black cat tarot for a change. Merlin agreed that black is my color and it’s always good to try something new. He an Layla have been coaching me and by golly, I’m pretty good. I’d be better with opposable thumbs for shuffling but having an assistant works. We have our sign language worked out and I nod or point to want I want. Today, I picked one card to focus on the early new year for everyone and the card that popped up was…

We have included an affliate link from Amazon. If anyone happens to purchase his deck (and it’s very pretty) we make enough to buy a can of cat food.

mew year's day

Temperance, the 14th card of the Major Arcana. Of the 78 cards in a tarot deck, only 22 are from the Major Arcana making it significant in it’s self. In more traditional decks, the card depicts an angel, pouring water and fire in a miraculous alchemy making the impossible possible. In other decks, the angel transforms cold water into hot and our black cat pours an infinite stream to a lotus blossom of peace, love and harmony.

Temperance, I say is a welcome respite or emotional oasis from stress, poor health and challenging relationships. It’s the card of “can’t we all just get along?” and we do for awhile. We are willing to compromise and see another’s point of view. It signals patience, restraint and balance. Boy, could we use some with another week left of the Mercury Retrograde. The retrograde is actually a great time reevaluate our goals for 2017 and how we can create more balance in our lives.

Spare a few purrs for Layla who lost a handbag and possibly her mind. She left Koneko with two bags and left her handbag in the Uber. After a comedy of errors, she is back in the city retrieving it today. Och, that mercury trickster playing with her sanity. She was just about ready to give up the ghost when a dear reader, Dorothy Abernathy left a comment on Facebook that restored her hope and the will to continue blogging. Goodness, she’d better or I’ll have to find a new assistant.

Your Future is Meow meowdel and prognosticator,

Clyde aka #psychiccatclyde



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