black cat awareness month giveaway
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Black Cat Awareness Month Giveaway

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

Hello, October! I love this time of year because it’s Black Cat Awareness Month. To celebrate, I’m kicking it off with the first of several giveaways. The first pet portrait giveaway is really special for personal reasons. Scroll down to the end for the giveaway details but you may want read the post anyway, because CATS.


This time last year Clyde was in his element enjoying the garden and this year he isn’t. I miss him, but when a parcel arrived today, I felt he’d returned home. No, not his ashes but a beautiful pen and ink portrait that captures his devil ears and piercing gaze. As you know, I’m a huge believer in memorial cat art. I love photos but original art has a soul that no digital print can replicate.

This was Clyde supervising the Halloween decorations last year. “Barely acceptable but my job is done.”

black cat going inside door with pumpkins

This year it’s more like, “Jolly good job and it’s good to be back home.” That’s so Clyde. He visits sometimes as a very noisy demanding crow. So what else is new?

pet portrait giveaway

I haven’t decided where Clyde wants to hang out yet. Where would you hang your pet portrait?

pet portrait giveaway


pen and ink illustration of a Halloween raven by Greg King

A little about Greg King, the artist.

Naturally, he’s a cat man. He has three cats: Meow Meow, Doodley Doo and Lola. They live in Illinois.

Greg King is an award-winning Art Director who honed his skills creating advertising campaigns in Chicago ad agencies. He is a graduate of Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati where he learned figure drawing, painting, hand lettering and marker layout techniques.
While still an active freelancer as an Art Director, Greg has taken his love of drawing and animals to create stunning, custom made illustrations of animals of all sorts.
Greg recently launched INKingPetPortraits on the web where clients can purchase a hand inked lasting memory of their beloved furry family members. Greg can even add hand lettering to the portrait to showcase the pets name or breed.

Go find Greg on Instagram @inking_blues He’s new there and has an interesting variety of work. I LOVE his latest owl and calligraphy.


One lucky person will win an original 16 X 20 signed pen and ink drawing of a pet. This is not a digital print but a one-of-kind art work. It can be a cat, dog or bird. The art work will be matted, framed and shipped in the U.S. The value is $250.00.

  • Entries on Instagram have slightly different rules.
  • For valid entries here, you MUST be a Cat Wisdom 101 subscriber and leave a comment at this post.
  • Include your Instagram account if you have one. Bonus entries for sharing on social.
  • The winner will be selected by randomizer and announced on October 8, 2020 at our @blackcatsofig stories.
  • If the winner is not on Instagram, they will be contacted via email. Good Luck!
  • This giveaway is not sponsored or affiliated with Instagram in any way.

If you don’t win and wonder what your precious pet would look like in fine art, visit Greg’s online studio for other options and prices.

Happy Black Cat Awareness Month! Video

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  • Gail Rivard

    What a beautiful pen and ink drawing to remember Clyde by! I especially like that he comes to check up on you as a noisy black crow. He definitely wants you to know he’s around:) I would put my cat portrait in our family room where we all gather every night for snuggles, purrs and treats.
    Our Instagram is @Pickles.and.Maya

  • Cathy Keisha

    Clyde looks like his handsome self. I’d love to be entered. We haven’t been very active online or decorating cos TW is very sick. Your decorations look very nice and festive. I’m not on Instagram so I can’t follow you there.

  • Mare

    A wise person once said “Our animals provide us with many wonderful happy days and one if the very saddest”. Such a beautiful way to remember our furbabies. Thank you for the chance to enter such a great contest.

  • Akané Nakamura

    Such a beautiful portrait of Clyde, and what a lovely way to pay tribute to our fur babies!

  • lilsweetiebuttbutt

    What a wonderful picture of Clyde! Such a beautiful way to remember him everyday…he is a cutie even though he was a little grumpy sometime.🌈💜🌈 I’d like to enter the contest too my IG is @lilsweetiebuttbutt you guys!💜 Black kitties rule!

  • Erin Rich

    What a wonderful portrait. Pen and ink is such a nice medium. I love that you said Clyde comes back as a crow. Crows are the best!

    My kitties are on Instagram as @peculiarpanther, but we’re not there much right now. Maybe someday I’ll find joy in it again.

  • Erin The Cat

    That will make a mighty fine gift for some feline devote cum servant, MOL
    Now, where best to hang that portrait? I’d say everywhere, after all, we cats do get everywhere. So why not move Clyde around a bit each month. Thats what I would like 🙂

  • Cindy Hall

    The portrait of Clyde is absolutely beautiful. We have many cats, but the one who has been by my side through some hard times, including chemotherapy and radiation, is our 20-year-old (at least) cat, Lexie, a tortoiseshell, who was hanging around outside for three years before we could get her to come inside. It took six months before she would come out from hiding during the day, but when she did, she sat with me, and slept by my side at night. Now she is almost ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We will be heart-broken when her time is up. Thank you for sharing your life with your cats on catwisdom101.

  • Cindy Jones

    What a stunning portrait of Clyde! Greg King is so talented. I would love to have a portrait of Teddy. Would be great to win since Teddy is such a black cat adoption advocate♥

    IG – @jones_fids

  • Jo Singer

    What a fabulous portrait! We would love one too!! I’m so glad that you mentioned that Clyde visits you in different guises. Our beloved and deeply missed Oriental Shorthair brothers, Sir Hubble Pinkerton and Dr.Hush Puppy visit me from time to time. Puppy appears as a flash of brilliant white light on a wall in our meditation room, and Sir Hubble jumps on my bed with a huge thump, just like he did for almost 17 years. I believe our angels to stay close until we can join them when it’s time. Thanks for a wonderful post!

  • Lizabeth Nash Setliff

    Clyde is cat-purr-tured beautifully immortalised..
    A masterpiece! and a masterpiece for a model…
    I would have my 12 to choose from which would be difficult and 4 passed.
    October is the month for our Beautiful Mystical Black cats.,
    Thank you Layla & Mr. Greg King for such a Beautiful purrfect gift!! xo

  • Beth Buttermore

    I don’t think Clyde would want one permanent spot. I think he would want his portrait to hang in a spot for a few months, and then move to a different spot for a while so he can keep an eye on his whole territory. I think if he wanted a permanent place for his portrait to hand you would have immediately known the perfect spot when you saw it. Thank you so much for sharing, Clyde’s portrait is lovely. @catlady92506

  • Heather

    A long long time ago my girl, Ellie Mae O’Cat, was chosen as Odin’s Valentine. She is a flirt as Lola said. It is true! I would love to win some original art!

  • Babby

    I love pen and ink drawings he truly brought out Clyde”s personality. To all our furry friends black, white, brown, tan, orange, all the “catacolors” we love them and appreciate their calming touch and healing powers and all the loving memories they so generously share.
    Happy black cat awareness month!

  • Victoria Buldak

    Just replied to a Facebook post about the giveaway. We currently have a house panther, her name is Agatha Christie, she’s 13 yrs. old. May I ask what your nonprofits web site link is, as,well as FB page link.
    Great giveaway, keeping our families fingers and paws crossed.
    Sharing to FB, Pinterest and Twitter .

  • ATCAD ~Scylla, Chimera, Yin, Yang, Fenris & Tuiren

    Clyde’s portrait is amazing. You certainly need to find the perfect spot for it where you can see it and enjoy it often. Not sure where I would put or which of my darlings I would have done (probably Yin, I think she would look amazing in pen and ink) if I won. Although I do have a spot in the entry way I am thinking of as it’s visible from the dining room and I could enjoy it at meal times.

  • Maggie

    The drawing looks wonderful. I like the way the artist incorporated the calligraphy. Nice Clyde attitude. On Instagram I’m @shelter-cats.

  • Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    Oh, MY! Clyde’s portrait is so amazing!

    It sure needs a place of honor where you can admire it many times a day:)
    (I do have an Instagram, but it is inactive…in other words I do not hardly use it.)

    Halloween sure is not going to be very traditional is it?
    Phooey on the evil virus, its caused SO much anguish and desolation and disruption of our lives…all around the world.

  • Christy Wilson

    Love the portrait of Clyde! You should hang it where you can see it daily.

    This is such a great gift to offer your subscribers. Love my cats and love seeing other cats, since they all can’t live with me! Thank you!

  • Cher

    This giveaway is Awesome I Love that portrait of Clyde.
    I’d Love to win a portrait of my boy Fred.
    Our insta is @jolifrederick

  • The Island Cats

    What fabulous art! We would love to win this…but which one of us would the mom choose to have our portrait done? She probably would have to have both of us! We’re on Instagram… @theislandcats.

  • Janine

    Clyde’s portrait is gorgeous! I had a painting made of Pono after we lost him and he sets on the fireplace mantel. I would love to have something with Nani on it made and I would set it right beside Pono. I laughed when you said Clyde comes back as a noisy crow. When we lost Pono, I had Kiki and Pele still. Well the strangest thing happened. But Kiki and Pele were very healthy cats and Pono was the one sick a lot. He had bad allergies that lead to respiratory infections and his ears always seemed to need cleaning. After we lost Pono, Pele developed allergies about a week later. They were exactly the same as Pono’s were. Then, Kiki started getting gunky ears and needs them cleaned all the time. When we adopted Lulu few months after losing Pono, Lulu has Pono’s personality. It’s the craziest thing ever.

    • Layla

      Thanks for sharing. Some people believe in reincarnation which might explain the behavior. In any case, cats are an eternal mystery and fascination.

      • Janine

        I really do believe in this. Pono is still alive in every one of my cats now. Even how we got Lulu. She reached her paw out to my husband as we walked by the adoptions kennels at petsmart. We didn’t plan on getting a kitten that day, I just needed food. Burt after she did that, he stopped and had to visit her. The first time Pono got sick and had to stay in the clinic for a few days, the girls said how he reached his paw out real far to grab the techs when they would pass him. Even sick, he wanted some love.

  • Beverly

    What a super drawing of Clyde. My crew is small these days, but I’d have a hard time deciding who gets their portrait done.
    My IG handle is @pookha1

  • Skeeter And Izzy

    Clyde’s portrait is so beautiful! If we win we will have to flip a coin or draw straws to determine which one of my 35 will get their portrait done!
    I lost one of my Ferals Tuesday. Homer was a sweet humble little soul. I will truly miss him.
    I think that I need a paranormal investigator to come to my neighborhood. I think that there is a portal to another place of being that periodically spits out cats. Homer crossed the Bridge late Tuesday night and what to my wondering eyes should I behold Wednesday morning but a black kitten that came to eat. Needless to say that baby has joined the indoor tribe! I now am proud Mama to 5 beautiful black kitties.
    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Month….I know we sure do appreciate them!!!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang and the Angels >^..^^..^<~

    • Layla

      I’m so sorry for your loss of Homer and agree about the portal. When one door closes, another opens with you. Yay for your fab five!

  • Timmy Tomcat

    Clyde really looks awesome! He should be right in the middle of the stone wall.
    We would love a portrait of our resident black cat Toby or maybe me or? Hmm will this be a cat fight?
    Our Instagram is: timmy_tomcat

  • Caren Gittleman

    Oh what a great give-away!! Love how you do Halloween! My insta account is @catanddogcaren, using my main email which isn’t attached to the cat chat with caren and cody blog because it’s my main email, that’s why you’re seeing Dakota lol

  • easyweimaraner

    Clyde lokks absolut fabulous and we love the look the artist gave him. seems this year everything is different… not sure if we will have a halloween…. but we have our memories from last year ;O)

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