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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Purr If I Want To

If you love cats, sharing makes us purrrr :-)

It’s my birthday and I’ll purr if I want to, purr if I want to, you would purr too if it happened to you…

Ear worm alert: Imagine a chorus of cats singing the old song “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want” to new lyrics.

It’s my birthday and I’d rather purr, wouldn’t you? Seriously, what’s more newsworthy is I’ve kept my birthday private on social media. I’m a very private person and if you’re my friend you know when my birthday is. On a lark, I decided to make my birthday public on my personal Facebook page. It’s too soon to say whether I’ll enjoy friends that are strangers wishing me a happy birthday. Call me quirky, but I don’t mind birthday wishes here or at our Cat Wisdom 101 page. I feel we’re all part of the same cat community but best of all and I love private messages. I’m the DM queen on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I tried Snapchat too but I’m about 20 years late to that party!

I don’t celebrate birthdays the way I used to. In my younger days, I’d celebrate all week with parties and lunches and dinners. Everyone made a fuss and I was renowned for my dinner parties. My urban life changed for me and many of my friends. Birthdays bashes were reserved for BIG birthdays and now I feel the same way about birthdays as I do all holidays. Less is more.

Every day is a gift. Every day is magic. I don’t need cake and gifts for validation.

I will gratefully accept support for my pro bono and non profit projects.


I’ll be working (creative work is not work) today as usual because I’ve always worn many hats. Today, I’m wearing my cat lady hat and it’s magic because I believe all cat ladies hold the key to creating a magical life. Lives full of possibilities, of creativity, wonder and curiosity. When I look in the mirror, I see a very feline person who thinks like a cat, a very wise, old cat. A cat who knows there aren’t nine lives but only one. One precious life and precious little time to fulfill my life purpose.

Yes, I will pause to celebrate, to acknowledge my solar return and mark the occasion. There is always time for champagne, chocolate and listening to the birthday purr of cats.

Cat Ladies_birthday


What I did find strange was how quickly Google found and spit out my birthday Google Doodle when I did a search. Now that the birthday cat is out of the bag, I think I want to jump back inside, but is it too late?


google birthday

We’re in the sign of Leo, the most feline sign of the zodiac. Read all about the feline Leo 

Leo cat astrology

One of the best and less fluffy Astrology sites is Cafe Astrology. They have fun forecasts for anyone celebrating a birthday and in depth tools for serious astro buffs.

Does this sound like me?

If You Were Born Today, July 30:

Leo the Lion HoroscopeYou are highly creative, spontaneous, humorous, entertaining, and likeable. Emotionally impulsive, you need to feel inspired in order to truly perform. You have a definite flair for the dramatic. You might frequently make sacrifices for others, and often willingly do so. You are highly perceptive and insightful, and this draws others to you, particularly as you mature. While your good-heartedness may be taken advantage of by less noble individuals, you tend to bounce back quickly and although you toughen up to some degree with life experience, you keep your youthful, loving, and generous spirit alive throughout life.



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