April is the Purrfect Time To Curl Up With A Cat Tale

April is the Purrfect Time To Curl Up With A Cat Tale, literally.

Hello April, it’s Clyde your friendly feline editor with a request to Mother Nature. Be kind not cruel.  Our spring has not quite sprung yet and until it does, I’m opting for more cozy catnaps curled up with Layla.

This is my current mood. It’s black and white obvious darlings. I’m sending Layla the subtle: “Stop what you’re doing and get back to bed. We need to snuggle. Right Meow.” If you’re reading this, my advice is to take a breather. Your cat, I assure you won’t mind.


If you’re short on time, I suggest power-napping and a short story. A cat story of course. Our friend and fellow black cat lover, NY Times best-selling author Gwen Cooper is launching a brand-new monthly series of electronic short stories, called “Curl Up with a Cat Tale” on April 3 but we got a sneak peek. There will be a brand-new, true-life story written by Gwen each month–roughly 8,000 to 12,000 words in length–available on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, etc. for $3.99 each.

Consider these stories a bite-sized nugget of fabulous feline entertainment. And let’s face it, who has the time or patience to dig into a weighty book? We or I should say, Layla, read the first story to me out loud and I Choo Choo Choose You! is a warm-hearted delight. For anyone who fell in love with Homer The Blind Cat, Gwen Cooper’s life as a fledgling cat lady and the story of her first kitten, Scarlett, is a must-read. Unlike Homer, it was not love at first kitten sight for Gwen. As as we all know, cats choose who they love and we sometimes take our sweet time. Gwen takes us on charming, fly on the wall journey back to 90’s Miami that feels like a prequel to Homer. If you’ve read any of Gwen’s books, you’ll recognize her story-telling style that feel like hugging the best cat, ever.

If this debut story of the series is any indication of the stories cued up for 2018, I say, sign up to curl up with a cat tale. Let the purring begin.

Paws up. Who likes an early bird bargain?

Clever cats (or humans) can subscribe directly through Gwen’s website for a one-time payment of $14.99 (60% off the list price!) and have each new story automatically sent to them–with a file that will work on the device/ereader of their choice–one week before general publication!  The link for subscriptions is http://www.gwencooper.com/cat-tales.
Stay current with the latest book news and other cat related news at Gwen’s huge and cat loving community on Facebook
Clyde “Won’t you be my April Fool?” Wilde
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20 thoughts on “April is the Purrfect Time To Curl Up With A Cat Tale”

  1. We are so excited for Gwen and wish her much success on the new short books. We love to read but alas have little time to do so of late.
    Wishing a glorious spring to all!
    Skeeter and Izzy and the Feral Gang + Twig & Peanut & Romeo 7 the Angels >^..^^..^<~

  2. I loved Homer’s Odyssey. I fell in love with Homer and felt like I really got to know Gwen. I was thrilled when she accepted my Facebook friend request. I can hardly wait to read her stories. I agree with Clyde about reading cat books to cats. Clyde is one smart feline!

  3. Two of the cats love to be read to. It is a nightly ritual in fact. Keesta, the little meezer and Spyder a gray listen. Keesta usually falls asleep first moving down to keep my feet warm. Spyder stays up he loves a good book, I ‘think’ he can read, although he doesnt say. I read on the Kindle, and he turns the pages back and sometimes forward.
    I wish spring would come too, our winter has been unforgiving.

  4. Wow. So much to love.

    144 High Street, Boston. Right close to Post Office Square, and the Hyatt Regency Boston.

    I will read a story to the Chedster, as soon as he wakes. It will be a cat story, his story.

    I wonder if he would like to illustrate it.

    How to make edible paw-paint for cats. (As if they’d actually like to dip their paws in edible paint. ) Hmm. Fish flavor pink, beef flavor red..

    Oh well, it is an ‘interesting ‘ (and odd) idea.

    We haz moah snowz 2day. Blech.

    1. Kathryn, I think we talked about the 144 location. I’ll message you about it. I think safe paw paint could be made with beet juice with a bit a tuna water for scent. Let me know if you make some. We got the same snow as you today 🙁 xox

      1. Wow. Beet juice and tuna water. Brilliant. Yes, I think I remember something about a previous convo about that location and Black Cat.

        Hopefully, snow soon to be over.
        Must take my car in for a few minor things it desperately needs.

        Fortunately, I get delivery on everything.

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