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Mondays With Merlin: Autumn Miracle and Cat Psychic

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Merlin-cat-autumn-end of summer

Well, well, well, guess what? I pulled another rabbit out of my hat and cheated the grim reaper. Last week things were so dire, Layla sobbed while rooting in the garden looking for a spot to bury me. It’s true I wasn’t eating and feeling as delicate as a soap bubble but then a miracle happened. Lots of people (maybe you?) banded together with purrs and prayers, send positive thoughts and energy healing. I sat in the garden, facing west to follow the sun and soaked it all up. Thank-you.

Something shifted and I started eating again and haven’t stopped. I guess it’s not my time to go. Consider it a dress rehearsal but none of us can cheat death. When it’s time, it’s time. Cats of course don’t keep time or watch time. That’s a human construct. Cats will watch the sun or moon and feel ancient rhythms more meaningful than say 10: 53 PM.

Today we bid sayonara to summer and welcome a new season with the Autumn Equinox, one of only two days in the year when daytime and nighttime are equal and in perfect balance. It’s a good time to pause and give thanks and meditate on how you can maintain balance in your live.

Monday with merlin-cat-autumn Equinox

I’m purring again but for how long is anyone’s guess. One of the lessons from this recent brush with death is about trusting one’s instincts. Even veterinarians can be wrong. When I was rushed to the emergency vet seven months ago, the vet was not optimistic and thought I had a couple months left to live. Right. You see, no one knows for sure and miracles do happen.

Now, that doesn’t mean I’m going to live until I’m the World’s Oldest Cat but I feel I’ve been given a gift, a reprieve, an Autumn miracle. That’s good enough for me.

My crystal ball is as foggy as my eyesight but my inner vision is pretty sharp. When things looked bleak, I had a talk with Layla. She’s always going on about letting her know how I feel and whether I want to go naturally or with assistance. Then she asked me again if I’d return or reincarnate as another cat. We’ve gone down that road a few times as soulmates do. I said I would come back and she stupidly said, “How will I know it’s you?”

Cats don’t roll their eyes like humans do but it was a duh moment. The eyes. You’ll know by the eyes. We’re only been together for 19 years. You’d think she’d know by now. Before I turned blind we used to have deep conversations with our eyes. But now it’s with our inner eyes. It’s how psychics operate. For fun, our friend Alana from Cat In The Fridge asked the pet psychic a question about me and sent her a photo. Being naturally skeptical of parlor tricks, I presumed it wouldn’t take much to do a Google search and find me. I mean I wasn’t born yesterday. The reading was boilerplate but the uncanny thing is the psychic did not know our my recent talk with Layla about coming back. You can read the whole story today at Cat In Fridge. Tell me what you think.

See you again here next Monday I hope. Happy Autumn Equinox!


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