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It’s 11.11.11. and whether or not you’re into numerology, angels or world peace like us, we wish you a happy peaceful day. We have so many fun new pics of our cats, we’ll be posting them on our Facebook page throughout the day, but here I’d like to share humor and pure innocence. I’ve always been a cat lady as witnessed by my Halloween costume a few years ago…

Halloween-cat-woman-cat lady

and a young admirer made this precious drawing for me, of what else, a cat.


So I guess it’s official: I’m real cat lady. How about you?

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  1. You are a beautiful cat lady!! I don’t mind the term at all. I guess it’s all in perception 🙂 Have an excellent weekend, my friend!

  2. I’m a Cat Lady through and through. Always have been, always will be till the day I die!! I don’t mind being called a CCL because it is true, MOL. You make a great cat!!

  3. I’m just a real cat. My human is kind of a pretender though.

  4. That is one cute drawing. I don’t quite understand what is wrong with being called a cat lady. I feel like it is a compliment. I am a lady that loves cats and their well being. Yes I have a lot of cats but it beats them all out in the wild starving and sick and pregnant. Have fun all made up like a cat. Take care.

    1. Marg, I like that: “A lady who likes cats and their well being.”
      @Brian, purrs for a great weekend!

  5. Wll, ya just gotta love a REAL CatLady! Have a great weekend!

  6. Awwww…….. I love that second drawing by the child. It’s Pawsome!

  7. I love cats. I love looking at them and appreciating their deceptively disinterested demeanour. I also love the way they interact with us on their own terms. I love the sleek soft fur and cuddly bods.

    I also love dogs! lol

  8. Our mom is a cat slave. 😛

    That drawing is so sweet, so cute. Definitely a keeper!

    Happy weekend to you all.

  9. Wow….how striking….you make a lovely cat Layla! Sam says so too and he knows a pretty cat when he sees one. 🙂

    Pam and Sam

    1. Thanks Pam and Sam. It’s a bit scary how cat-like I am. Next thing you know I’ll be growing a tail!

  10. Fabulous make up!

    I’m not fond of the term cat lady. I prefer to think of myself as someone who loves cats, who is passionate about their health and happiness, and who thinks they’re the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

    1. Ingrid, I know how you feel about the term and rarely it use, but maybe it’s time to reframe what it means to be a “cat lady”.
      @FuzzyTales, your mom is cat slave? Excellent.
      @Rumpy, isn’t it? My heart melted.
      @Carolyn, yes!

  11. love it, you were ready for just a regular night on the town right Layla? ((((hugs))))

    1. Caren, how did you know ;-)???
      @Milo @ Alfie, purrrrs.
      @Max, we agree.

  12. WOW! Yoo make an awesome cat lady! xx

  13. Who wouldn’t love to be hugged by the biggest cat in the world.

    pawhugs, Max

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